9 Other Things to Do With Your Thanksgiving Turkey

9 Other Activities to end up being able to Perform with Your Thanksgiving TurkeyGive your current Thanksgiving turkey one final hurrah just before he eventually ends up within your belly.Prior to end up being able to sticking your bird inside the oven, contemplate wearing him as a hat. Along With if the concern with suffocating doesn't help to make that any viable option, consider other approaches to deliver an element associated with weird to your Turkey Day festivities. See also: 7 Cocktails Inspired by Thanksgiving DinnerAdd any aspect of entertaining towards the table this year. or just follow green-bean casserole. Other things to always be able to Perform Together Along With Your Turkey1. three words: Nic Cage bikini.(Unless an individual favor cage-free turkey.)Image: Imgur, PinkUnibrow2. Show off a big breast.Image: Imgur, bigpaynis3. Muppet-ize.Image: Imgur, THEFATTESTGUYEVER4. Assist increase hunting cred.Image: Imgur 5. Creating homemade horror movies.6. Threatening your current pet bird.7. Hot tub party.(This is a chicken.)Image: Imgur, jdcLFC8. Well, duh.Image: Imgur, SpikeDawson9. Sassy StuffingImage: Imgur, PeterShysterImage: Mashable composite. Flickr, techvthttp://mashable.com/2013/11/28/thanksgiving-turkey/