STS-110 MISSION ARCHIVE (FINAL)Updated: 04/19/02Space station assembly mission 8ABy William HarwoodCBS News/Kennedy space CenterThe next copy originally ended up being posted on the current Mission spacepage from, recommendations along with corrections welcome!TABLE OF CONTENTS-NASA gears up with regard to station assembly mission (03/25/02)-Astronauts arrive; start regarding shuttle countdown about tap (04/01/02)-Countdown underway as well as on track; weather improves slightly (04/02/02)-STS-110 mission preview (04/03/02)-Weather 'iffy' for launch (04/03/02)-Shuttle launch delayed by hydrogen leak with pad (04/04/02)-Launch delayed for you to Monday (04/05/02)-Welding repairs complete; higher winds a new concern (04/07/02)-Atlantis rockets straight into orbit (04/08/02)-Atlantis closes throughout upon station; Bursch letter (04/09/02)-Shuttle Atlantis docks with space station (04/10/02)-S0 truss attached to station in first EVA (04/11/02)-Astronauts take time off; Morgan named to shuttle flight (04/12/02)-Ross, Morin complete attachment involving S0 (04/13/02)-Station arm rewired in third spacewalk (04/14/02)-Mobile transporter overcomes hurdles, passes first tests (04/15/02)-Fourth spacewalk successful; Morgan meets the particular press (04/16/02)-Atlantis undocks through room station (04/17/02)-Astronauts test re-entry systems (04/18/02)-Atlantis returns to Earth (04/19/02)===================================================================NASA gears up regarding station assembly mission (03/25/02)NASA is actually gearing up to launch the actual shuttle Atlantis on the complexfour-spacewalk mission to attach an enormous open-framework truss to theinternational space station that may form the actual lab's structuralbackbone, ultimately anchoring four groups of substantial power solar arrays.Below an up in order to date post-Sept. 11 security policy, NASA is not heading to revealthe shuttle's exact launch in time advance, declaring simply which Atlantis istargeted with regard to consider off April 4 among two p.m. and six p.m. EST. The Particular exactlaunch occasion will possibly be revealed twenty four hours before liftoff.While NASA flight directors possess explained many times within the past,howwever, the shuttle can only always be launched for the space station inside 10minutes associated with the minute Earth's rotation carries the launch pad into theplane with the station's orbit. NASA's "preferred" launch occasion can be theprecise moment your pad will be "in plane" with most the station. This really is publicknowledge.Although NASA isn't releasing the particular STS-110 launch time, the agencycontinues to launch orbital elements for your area station. Thesenumbers, up-to-date a pair of to end up being able to three times a new week, precisely define the spacestation's orbit. They Will are usually known to amateur satellite trackers and also hamradio operators as NASA two-line elements, or perhaps TLEs. Widely obtainable onthe web, TLEs may be processed simply by any kind of quantity of readily availablesatellite tracking applications for you to predict once the area station (or anyother satellite) could be noticeable through virtually any area around the world(see the popular Heavens above website for an instance of how theseprograms work). NASA's orbital elements in addition may be accustomed to predict whenEarth's rotation will hold any kind of given website - such as your shuttlelaunch pads - directly into the orbital plane in the station.These kinds of calculations call for small a lot more than a couple of clicks of your mouseand as such, you aren't even rudimentary encounter tracking satellites- and little if any knowledge involving orbital mechanics - could determineAtlantis' launch time along with energy to within a couple of minutes. Since NASA has nothalted U.S. government distribution involving area station TLEs, we see noproblem together with reporting that satellite monitoring software program indicatesAtlantis will take off inside a few minutes involving 5:16 p.m. in April 4.The Actual summary timeline regarding mission STS-110 can be obtained through NASA in aformat which references in-flight events to always be able to mission elapsed time, as well as MET,which begins in the moment involving liftoff. The Particular publicly available timelinedoes certainly not include any kind of references for you to actual time. A New modified edition ofthe summary timeline, 1 in which assumes any liftoff with 5:16 p.m., is actually postedbelow. An up in order to date flight plan is planning to be posted when the exact launch timeis revealed a day before liftoff. The Particular NASA television timetable willbe released at this serious quantities of will be posted here as quickly as possiblethereafter.Otherwise, launch preparations continue, about Earth as well as in orbit. At3:58 p.m. Sunday, an unmanned Progress supply ship successfully dockedto the Zvezda command module's aft port after having a three-day orbital chase.The three-man crew's Soyuz lifeboat remains docked in the Earth-facingport in the Zarya module.Canadian computer software engineers, meanwhile, continue to perfect aprogramming patch that will enable the station's robot arm to mount theS0 truss around the top of your Destiny laboratory module despite the failurein the actual arm's wrist joint. The Actual patch will block out which suspect hardwareto permit the actual truss's attachment. a replacement wrist joint will beferried into orbit may 31 and also installed throughout a subsequent spacewalk.a thorough preview of shuttle mission STS-110 will most likely be posted herelate subsequent week. Inside the particular meantime, here's a timeline of mission highlights(in EST/EDT and also mission elapsed time):Eastern....DD...HH...MM...EVENT04/04/0205:16 PM...00...00...00...STS-109 launch (time approximate010:16 PM...00...05...00...Crew sleep begins04/06/0212:32 PM...01...19...16...ISS dockingAPRIL 7: BEGIN EASTERN DAYLIGHT TIME AT 2 AM (GMT-4)04/07/0212:06 PM...02...17...50...Spacewalk-1: Airlock egress and every day setup06:16 PM...03...00...00...Spacewalk-1: Airlock repressurization10:16 PM...03...04...00...STS/ISS crew sleep begins04/09/0212:06 PM...04...17...50...Spacewalk-2: Airlock egress as well as every day setup06:26 PM...05...00...10...Spacewalk-2: Airlock repressurization10:16 PM...05...04...00...STS/ISS crew sleep begins04/10/0212:06 PM...05...17...50...Spacewalk-3: Egress along with every day setup06:26 PM...06...00...10...Spacewalk-3: begin airlock repressurization10:16 PM...06...04...00...STS/ISS crew sleep begins04/11/0212:31 PM...06...18...15...Crew news conference04/12/0212:06 PM...07...17...50...Spacewalk-4: Egress along with every day setup06:26 PM...08...00...10...EVA-4: Airlock repressurization begins09:46 PM...08...03...30...STS crew sleep begins04/13/0203:46 PM...08...21...30...STS/ISS undocking04/15/0212:46 PM...10...18...30...Deorbit rocket firing01:52 PM...10...19...36...Landing===================================================================Astronauts arrive; commence involving shuttle countdown upon tap (04/01/02)Operating below an unfamiliar news "brownout," engineers in the KennedySpace center tend to be gearing approximately commence the shuttle Atlantis' countdowntoday, setting takes place regarding blastoff late Thursday afternoon in acomplex room station assembly mission.The Particular objective of the 109th shuttle mission can be installation of a huge26,716-pound structural truss packed together with computers, ammonia coolantlines as well as electrical systems that ultimately will route energy from thestation's eventual solar energy arrays to the outpost.The Actual 44-foot-long S0 (S-zero) truss is planning to be installed by simply shuttleastronaut Ellen Ochoa, operating your room station's Canadarm2 spacecrane. However latest issues with one of 2 command channels, or"strings," used to control the actual crane's wrist-roll joint threw a new wrenchof sorts straight into NASA planning.The Particular - checkpoint safety about us - station astronauts have got a pair of redundant command paths to operateall with the arm's joints. but the particular wrist-roll capability in one string wasrecently lost. Another string works perfectly nevertheless must it failduring truss installation, the other string would detect the wrist-rollfault and also enter into "safe mode."to protect against in which possibility, flight planners in the JohnsonSpace Middle revised your trajectory the arm will observe in order to decrease useof the particular wrist-roll joint. Throughout addition, the software program patch was created anduploaded towards the station over the past day or even two to mask out thewrist-roll failure must your arm ultimately end up using the particular faultycommand string.the patch may be successfully tested through the station crew, which usually putthe arm through exactly the same motions in which is planning to be required pertaining to trussinstallation. Along With your patch within place, the particular arm is not going to enter into safemode even if a number of subsequent failure forces Ochoa to use the commandstring using the wrist-roll problem. Inside which case, the joint would bemanually cranked to the proper orientation throughout the really first of fourplanned spacewalks by Atlantis' crew.Along With the program patch throughout place, the only problem mark for thisweek's launch is, as usual, the weather.Forecasters are generally predicting the 40 percent potential for poor weather duringthe shuttle's 10-minute launch window which could delay liftoff. Theconcern is usually that flu front relocating via northern Florida will resultin multiple cloud decks, afternoon showers and also feasible thunderstorms.There's the 10 percent chance shuttle fueling operations is likely to be delayed.Winds are generally predicted to become out of 140 degrees in ten knots with gusts to15 knots. That's pretty much proper along the runway along with just a slightcrosswind component.Must launch slip one day, forecasters tend to be predicting an 80 percentchance of fine weather. The Actual odds improve to 90 percent "go" about Saturday.Below a new recently implemented post Sept. 11 safety policy, NASA isconducting Atlantis' countdown and launch below the news brownout ofsorts. The Particular agency is not really likely to say exactly once the countdown is scheduledto begin today - they will confirm it actually is underway Tuesday morning - orexactly once the shuttle will consider off, saying merely in which launch istargeted in between two p.m. as well as six p.m. Thursday. Your exact launch moment willbe revealed a day prior to launch.NASA's security policy poses the considerable mystery to veteranshuttle watchers. The Particular agency provides certainly not provided any thorough explanationof your reasoning behind a new policy that provides possible adversaries alaunch date and a four-hour launch period many times ahead involving time along with thenan exact launch time a day just before liftoff. That is very difficultto know the actual way this policy may well thwart a determined foe. Regarding pastclassified military missions, your launch occasion has been held secret until theT-minus nine-minute mark inside the countdown. Precisely why a new similar policy wasn'timplemented within this case will be addition, the particular launch moment of a station-bound shuttle may be easilycomputed utilizing satellite monitoring software and also NASA's personal two-lineelements for your space station, the group of quantities that define the lab'sorbit. Two-line elements, that are widely available about the web -including dozens regarding NASA web sites - are utilized by amateurs primarily todetermine when the station or every other bright satellite will probably be visiblefrom the given location. little or absolutely no knowledge regarding orbital mechanics isrequired and many applications automate the complete procedure.for a new space shuttle to rendezvous using the station, it should consider offwithin 10 mins regarding the moment Earth's rotation carries your launch padinto the particular plane of the lab's orbit. under long-standing NASA policy, the"preferred launch time" for a flight-day three rendezvous falls in themiddle of this 10-minute window, just before the moment the actual pad isactually "in plane."A Quantity Of satellite tracking programs compute whenever a offered ground web site isin plane having a provided satellite's orbit. at least one "freeware" programhas been tweaked, based on all prior shuttle-to-station launch times,to boost its accuracy, it really is believed, in order to within one minute as well as so. Thetimelines posted below, however, are based on the plane crossing time ofroughly 5:16 p.m. Which time is believed accurate to end up being able to within regarding threeminutes.NASA could complicate efforts to always be able to determine any shuttle's launch time byhalting official distribution with the station's two-line elements. Butthat would severely curtail, if not eliminate, your public's ability towatch the particular $30 billion outpost pass overhead and it is not distinct how thatwould increase security.The Actual station's general orbit is actually well regarded along with veteran satelliteobservers tend to be good at reverse engineering two-line elements based onactual sightings. And Also having a high-interest spacecraft as bright as thestation, sightings are relatively easy. Must the two-line elementsdisappear from official channels, launch occasions accurate for you to within fiveor 10 mins or perhaps consequently almost certainly would appear on the web throughout shortorder.Absolutely No one wishes for you to compromise shuttle peace associated with mind in virtually any way. However thecurrent policy will not address the actual problems mentioned above and given thetrivial naturel of the calculations, your ballpark launch occasion provides beenwidely recognized for weeks. Because such, we see no reason in denying the obvious.The Actual real issue, perhaps, is concern in regards in order to a July shuttle flightcarrying Ilan Ramon, the very first Israeli to end up being able to fly within space. Unlikeshuttle-to-station flights, however, the particular July mission is not likely tothe station which writer understands regarding absolutely no simple approach to predict when, in afour-hour window, which shuttle may take off. Yet NASA's currentsecurity policy is indeed poorly implemented which throughout a minimal of one case, thetarget launch moment will be posted on the publicly available web page. However,that launch time just isn't well known and in which we is not necessarily heading to repeat it here.03:30 p.m., 04/01/02, Update: Atlantis astronauts arrive for launchThe Particular shuttle Atlantis' crew flew towards the Kennedy Room center nowadays inpreparation pertaining to blastoff Thursday on a challenging space stationassembly mission. The Actual astronauts handled down in the Shuttle LandingFacility around noon following flights via Houston in T-38 jet trainers."We're actually happy to be down here to the Cape," stated commanderMichael Bloomfield. "A trip straight into room usually begins down here at theKennedy Area center and there is a great group involving people down here thatbuild spaceships that allow visitors to enter into space. We're veryfortunate being portion of the team."Pilot Stephen Frick, creating his initial flight, noted that will Atlantiswill always be generating its very first launch using a full pair of upgraded block two mainengines, the final step in the billion-dollar effort to boost engineperformance as well as improve safety.Your block 2 engines, built by Boeing's Rocketdyne division, featurenew questionable hydrogen turbopumps built by simply Pratt Whitney. Workingin concert with Pratt Whitney oxygen pumps currently throughout place, alongwith a new wider combustion chamber throat and other safety upgrades, theblock two engines promise to always be able to lower chances of the catastrophic failure."I stood a chance to work with the folks who were creating all of them andI'm real excited to always be able to launch using that," Frick said. "The guys from Pratt Whitney from West Palm Beach (Fla.) and also the guys from Rocketdyne in CanogaPark (Calif.) at your Stennis Area Center, Marshall (Space FlightCenter) as well as only at the Cape gave us some terrific equipment and also I lookforward that will get any opportunity to ride individuals to always be able to orbit."for astronaut Ellen Ochoa, your highlight of the mission will possibly be usingthe international area station's new robot arm to pull the 27,000-poundstructural truss from Atlantis' cargo bay so it can be mounted on thetop of the U.S. Destiny laboratory module. The Actual S0 truss is thecenterpiece of a cross truss in which ultimately will stretch your duration ofa football field, supporting four massive sets of solar arrays."This is an exciting flight for the station arm," the girl said. "This isonly the next period we're deploying it for you to lift a large little bit of equipment outof the payload bay. ... Along With it's the very first period we're likely being usingit to maneuver spacewalkers around. Therefore through the EVAs, we'll become utilizing itextensively. It's fun in order to perform the particular robotic arm simply since it'sreally a new team effort."===================================================================Countdown underway and on track; weather improves slightly (04/02/02)the shuttle Atlantis' blacked-out countdown will be ticking smoothlytoward launch Thursday on a area station assembly mission, officialssay. Below a brand new post Sept. 11 security policy, NASA officials confirmedthe countdown will be underway nevertheless they wouldn't say when it began.Likewise, the agency will not announce Atlantis' exact launch period untilsometime Wednesday, 24 hours prior to liftoff. Based upon independentanalysis with the international space station's orbit, however, launch isbelieved to be focused for about 5:13 p.m. Thursday.NASA test director Jeff Spaulding mentioned these days the particular countdown can be ontrack along with which engineers are not working any significant problems from pad 39B.Forecasters, meanwhile, have got upgraded the weather outlook regarding Thursdayfrom sixty percent "go" in order to 70 percent. The Actual outlook with regard to Firday improves to80 % go and also drops in order to sixty percent go on Saturday. Simply Because launch istargeted for the afternoon, during NASA's regular work day, Spauldingsaid shuttle managers most likely would think about generating three attempts inside arow if problems developed that prevented any launch about Thursday or Friday.===================================================================STS-110 mission preview (04/03/02)NASA resumes assembly with the international space station this weekand next together with launch of the shuttle Atlantis on a four-spacewalk flightto attach a new 27,000-pound truss, the actual central element of the enormous solararray-carrying beam that ultimately will stretch your duration associated with afootball field."We'll launch 50 tons of hardware to the station this year," saidTommy Holloway, space station program manager in the Johnson SpaceCenter. "We're now at 300,000 pounds, about a third of the strategies by which there.Sometimes we feel we're concerning done, however we truly use a great deal of workleft to do in the next 2 yrs to get to some point where we'll then beready in order to deploy (modules built by) the particular international partners."the $600 million S0 (pronounced S-zero) truss aboard Atlantis isequipped together with 4 computers, 2 laser ring gyros as well as GPS antennas foron-board navigation, a new maze associated with ammonia coolant lines, miles ofelectrical cabling, countless connectors and sophisticated power control andconditioning equipment.the completed truss ultimately will hold 4 large sets of solararrays, a couple of at each and every and also every end. power in the arrays will probably be routed straight into thestation through the actual S0 truss and additionally the ammonia coolant necessary to keep thestation's electronics coming from overheating will be routed by means of S0 togiant radiators attached to outboard truss elements.the 44-foot-long S0 truss furthermore will be equipped with a $190 million railcar that will roll together tracks operating your size in the completedtruss, carrying the actual station's Canadarm two robotic crane to varied worksites as necessary for you to install new equipment or assist spacewalkingastronauts make repairs."Once we add the actual mobile berthing system to the mobile transporter onthe subsequent flight (in early June), it'll enable the robotic arm to always be able to travelthe duration of the truss," stated space station flight director RobertCastle. "So we can actually grapple things, roll across the size involving thetruss as well as install issues following it."Within fact, the actual solar array wings - almost all two acres of them - and othercritical outboard power as well as cooling systems can not really be installed withoutusing the particular Canadarm2 on its mobile platform. And Also the very first step about theroad for you to completing your station's first assembly will be installation of theS0 truss."The truss element has been referred in order to as a new spacewalker's playground andwe've nicknamed the actual underwater mockup of it the 'jungle gym,'" mentioned DinaBarclay, lead spacewalk officer at the Johnson space Center. "It's 44feet long, it has greater than 150 astronaut hand holds, nearly 50 socketsfor foot restraints, has greater than 1,000 spacewalk actuated connectionsand offers more than 50 (electronics) boxes that could be changed out."The truss plays any essential role within the space station's future," sheadded, "because long term truss segments will attach for you to each side involving itand all the avionics and ammonia cooling in which go up to and come in fromthe some other truss segments go through S0 regarding power distribution andcooling for that modules, that is in which usually the astronauts are living and also work."The mobile transporter in addition plays a vital role," Barclay said. "On thenext mission (in late May), the actual next a component of the actual mobile servicing systemwill come up also it will mount together with your mobile transporter for you to giveCanadarm2 a mobile platform for you to finish the actual space station assembly."In case most will go well, the particular 109th shuttle mission will start about 5:13p.m. Thursday using a launch coming from pad 39B at the Kennedy Room Center.Under a post Sept. 11 security plan, NASA managers made the actual decision certainly not revealthe exact launch time until a day prior to liftoff. Until then, theagency stated merely which Atlantis would just take off among two p.m. and also six p.m.but to achieve your room station, a new shuttle has to be launched withinabout a few minutes involving the moment Earth's rotation carries the launch padinto the particular plane in the station's orbit. Since the result, amateur satellitetrackers had not any problem figuring out Atlantis' launch time to within afew seconds, well beforehand of NASA's 24-hour announcement.In Order To protect the launch times for long term flights, NASA managers areconsidering whether to halt official distribution involving area stationtwo-line elements, the actual widely accessible quantities employed by satellitetracking applications to discover the station's orbit so when it might bevisible from a viewer's location.Atlantis' crew can be made up of commander Michael Bloomfield, pilotStephen Frick, robot arm operator Ellen Ochoa and spacewalkers StevenSmith, Rex Walheim, Jerry Ross and also Lee Morin."Jerry along with Lee tend to be both grandfathers," Barclay noted. "And performinga spacewalk is not any simple feat, it requires mental as well as physical stamina.And these guys get it. To be Able To our team, it's just a entertaining piece of trivia andthe just occasion it even comes up is when these proud grandpas pull out thephotos."Stated Bloomfield: "I can't verify it, however I believe this is going to be thefirst period a pair of grandfathers will perform any spacewalk together. SteveSmith likes to refer for them as the 'Silver Team.'"Ross furthermore is the initial man inside history, U.S. or perhaps Russian, to make sevenspace flights, an achievement that will come 41 years after Yuri Gagarinbecame the first human within room and also 21 years after the initial flight associated with aspace shuttle."I know what to anticipate as well as I can't wait around to accomplish it again," Ross, 54,said just before launch. "I think I must be dependent on spaceflight because Ilove each aspect involving it. ... Obviously, I'm seeking very much forward tothe launch, the launch is definitely an extraordinary experience, something which youcannot put into phrases other than just smile along with feel regarding it a lot."I think the particular Lord over continues to be taking care associated with me almost all via this.It's hard to know how I've had the actual opportunity to be thus fortunate regarding dothis, nevertheless I can let anyone know I certainly possess appreciated each and every minute ofit."Astronaut John Young, an Apollo moonwalker which commanded your firstshuttle mission in April 1981, was the first man to achieve the actual six flightmilestone. in a task interview together with CBS Radio, young mentioned "records are madeto become broken and I'm really proud of previous Jerry.""He's a new difficult worker," Youthful said. "He's been on this company a new longtime, he's done all these (spacewalks) along with he's an excellent fellow. I thinkit's just great that folks get to fly in area greater than we utilized to.I'd like to go back, however, if I did it'd become very dangerous because my wifesaid if I went back up there she'd kill me."With Regard To his part, Ross mentioned simply no astronaut will at virtually any time eclipse theaccomplishments of Young, a new veteran associated with a couple of Gemini flights, two voyagesto the actual moon - such as 1 lunar landing - and the couple space shuttlemissions."John Small can be my hero," Ross said. "There's nobody which will eversurpass what John Youthful may be capable of attain within his lifetime as anastronaut. I don't care the amount of occasions anybody ever flies in space, theywon't be able to outdo what he's completed simply because of what he did and how hedid them."In your event that Ross's resume can be impressive, consider Morin's."You've probably in no way met anybody just like Lee Morin," Ochoa said. "Hehas a remarkable quantity of degrees, he includes a bachelor's, a pair of masters,an M.D., the Ph.D., and has completed residencies throughout surgery, in aerospacemedicine. He posseses an selection of Navy certifications as a diving officer,undersea health-related officer, any submarine officer so when a flight ticket surgeon.He's been involved with unique ops inside Desert Storm, he's done jungleguerrilla warfare training, I consider he's completed Samurai training."Grandfathers indeed."I'm not necessarily only the many senior part of the actual silver team, but also themost underachieving part of your silver team," Ross joked.UPGRADED ENGINES POWER LAUNCH TO STATIONWhen Youthful along with pilot Robert Crippen blasted off on the first shuttlemission in April 12, 1981, these people rode into orbit about the power associated with twosolid-fuel boosters and a trio associated with hydrogen-fueled major engines built byRocketdyne associated with Canoga Park, Calif.Throughout the particular wake of the 1986 Challenger disaster, NASA embarked on a $1billion plan to boost the particular safety and also toughness for the actual mainengines, an application that reaches fruition this week together with launch ofAtlantis in mission STS-110.Atlantis can be the first shuttle designed with 3 upgraded block 2main engines. NASA currently had replaced the particular Rocketdyne-built highpressure oxygen pump with a much more robust pump built by Pratt Whitney.Other post-Challenger upgrades included add-on of your wide-throatcombustion chamber to lessen internal pressure. the actual elimination ofhard-to-inspect welds along along with a new manifold to secure propellants to thecombustion chamber.the block 2 motor consists of your addition of the Pratt Whitney highpressure hydrogen pump. Whilst the brand new pumps weigh greater than theRocketdyne models originally developed for that major engines, theycontain fewer welds and tougher turbine blades, decreasing the quantity ofcostly post-flight inspections as well as serving that's required.Equipped together with 3 block a pair of engines, a shuttle's overallreliability raises through 10 percent, NASA managers say, even though the oddsof the catastrophic engine-related failure drop to end up being able to 1-in-483. Prior toimplementation associated with the new hydrogen pump, the chances had been roughly 1-in-438."We position the high pressure oxidizer pump upon some in a long time past as well as we'vegot a pair of flights with almost all the ruthless fuel turbopump," mentioned shuttleprogram manager Ronald Dittemore. "This is going to be the extremely first flight using acluster of three."These pumps are fantastic. We've basically eliminated the actual weldinginside your pump that people could not inspect. We've made the particular pump beefier,more robust. Along With simply because regarding that, we've accepted about a 300-poundweight increase per pump. but we wanted to do that, intentionallysacrificing a quantity of performance, to boost our safety."Some of the failures we now have seen in this new pump (during testing)would have got out any pump and an engine inside the past," Dittemore said."With this new pump, it simply keeps on chugging. It'll go to MECO (mainengine cutoff) or even it'll use a graceful shutdown. so just subjectively,it's the tremendous improvement inside our safety."Your high pressure hydrogen pump, the bit larger than the actual usual beer keg,generates nearly 70,000 horsepower throughout motor operation. The Actual oldpumps, Dittemore said, had been so lightweight and finely tuned which theloss of the single turbine blade could lead to any catastrophic failure."In that old pump, if we had blade damage as well as lost any blade it waspretty a lot the catastrophic event, it just couldn't stand losing asingle blade," he said. "That has been since the pump had been made to belightweight ... and also higher performance. Along With consequently when it got out of balance bylosing a blade, it just kind of cored itself out and also that will became acatastrophic event.Along With the newest hydrogen pumps, "I can easily shed any blade as well as multiple bladesand it does not send my pump from balance," Dittemore said. "And soI'm able to withstand individuals forms of failures yet still possess a gracefulshutdown or ensure it is for the (planned) main motor cutoff."Assuming an on-time liftoff, Bloomfield as well as Frick will manual Atlantisthrough any regular rendezvous profile, firing the particular shuttle's maneuveringjets periodically to be able to tweak the ship's orbit and hang up any docking withthe international room station around 12:30 p.m. April 6.the shuttle will approach the particular station through below, passing about 600feet beneath the outpost before gradually looping up to any point immediately infront in the outpost. In that point, Atlantis will most likely be oriented together with itstail facing Earth and its payload bay facing the station.the station is planning to be oriented having its long axis inside the direction oftravel. The pressurized mating adapter mounted about the forward end regarding theDestiny laboratory module will confront Atlantis. Destiny, throughout turn, isattached for the U.S. Unity module, a multi-hatch gateway linking the labto the others with the station.Straight across Unity from Destiny is really a pressurized mating adapterleading to the Russian Zarya propulsion and also cargo module. Zarya, inturn, is actually attached towards the Russian Zvezda command module in the aft finish ofthe station's lengthy axis.Any Progress supply ship currently will be docked for you to Zvezda's aft port whilethe on-board crew's Soyuz lifeboat is docked into a downward-facing porton the actual Zarya module. The Particular Pirs docking module, presently vacant, isattached to the nadir docking port at the forward end associated with Zvezda.Extending 90 feet up from the Unity module's zenith hatch is the Z1truss as well as P6 solar array, which supplies the particular majority of your station'scurrent power. The Particular P6 array ultimately will probably be repositioned at the endof your station's primary truss, the first element associated with which may be beinginstalled throughout Atlantis' mission.The Actual station's Quest airlock module, which in turn will be used for all fourof the particular upcoming STS-110 spacewalks, is actually attached to Unity's right-side,or starboard, hatch.Positioned immediately facing the actual station's lengthy axis, Bloomfieldwill manually guide Atlantis within therefore the docking system inside the shuttle'scargo bay could mate using its counterpart around the pressurized matingadapter, or even PMA."We refer for you to it as any V-bar approach," Bloomfield said, referring for you to thestation's velocity vector. "We'll fly below the international spacestation then we'll fly all the way around out into the front, intowhat we call the particular V-bar, nevertheless we're flying now out before thestation. and then finally, we'll fly throughout on in which V-bar until we dock."It's been completed before, it's proven, thus there's not really anything new onour flight therefore you know if you tend to be doing it proper it's going to work," hesaid. "We're fairly confident it's planning to work."When Atlantis can be docked and hatches between both craft tend to be opened,Expedition 4 commander Yury Onufrienko and his awesome two NASA crewmates -Daniel Bursch along with Carl Walz - will welcome the shuttle crew aboard.Launched Dec. 5, Onufrienko, Bursch and also Walz are usually 4 weeks straight into aplanned six-month remain aboard the actual area station. Your Atlantis astronautswill become their 1st guests since environment up shop aboard your outpost."They've been on your websites for pertaining to greater than 100 times now as well as I could onlyimagine what it would be like being isolated available on your internet for to get a hundred daysand not need every other people to speak to," Ross said. "So I'm lookingforward to be able to sharing a few experiences together with these as well as hoping they tend to be able to enjoythat occasion collectively just before we depart."The first spacewalk to install the S0 truss can be planned for the dayafter docking. The Particular 2nd and third spacewalks are usually specific regarding April 9and ten using the fourth subsequent about April 12, your 21st anniversary ofthe first shuttle flight and the 41st anniversary regarding Gagarin's flight.In case most goes well, Atlantis' crew will go back to Earth just prior to 2p.m. about April 15."The shuttle crew will return right after getting loosened as well as tightenedapproximately 250 bolts and following getting mated as well as demated 110 electricalconnectors," stated Barclay. "They may have certainly done their own partbuilding our international space station."S0 TRUSS A New MARVEL OF COMPLEXITYThe Actual S0 truss gets the misfortune associated with getting saddled having a particularlyutilitarian name, one that really does small to always be able to convey your complexity of thestructure as well as its critical nature.Yet Ben Sellari, NASA's S0 launch bundle manager, makes it obvious S0is "more when compared with merely a truss element which many people might generally thinkof as merely a girder or a little bit of structure."with a lot a lot more than 475,000 parts, S0 measures 44.2 feet long, about 14feet wide and also weighs 26,716 pounds. Throughout terms of sheer mechanical andelectrical complexity, just the Destiny laboratory module could eclipseit."All of the power distribution regarding space station, once we're in theassembly total stage when we've our outboard arrays, will comethrough S-zero's switching units and stay in the position to become dispersed to theother modules, one other truss elements," he said."It'll additionally supply us, for your first time, with a cross-strapcapability in order that if i was to get rid of the (solar array power) channel inone area, we could then augment in which from yet another array channel throughthe switching unit."Significant components mounted inside the actual S0 truss include:- power distribution techniques for you to handle your flow regarding electricity fromthe solar arrays into the room station- DC-to-DC converter units in order to step down solar array voltage to levelsneeded by the station's internal systems- Secondary energy control and switching systems- 2 computers in order to manage methods inside the particular S0 truss segment- A Couple Of computers in order to manage methods in future outboard truss segments- Global Positioning System antennas and two laser ring gyros topermit on-board U.S. determination with the station's orbit andorientation pertaining to solar array along with antenna aiming- Any three-switch video distribution system that will route televisionfrom just about all externally mounted cameras, such as those on the Canadarm2,into the station as well as right down to Earth- Strain guages, accelerometers along together with other instrumentation to always be able to monitorthe truss's structural rigidity- Instrumentation to observe the particular space environment, includingradiation sensors- The Particular mobile transporter as well as its connected rails along with subsystemsUntil the actual solar arrays tend to be mounted on the end of the outboard trusssegments, the Z1 truss atop the actual Unity module will feed electricity for you to S0through connectors that will will probably be hooked up by the Atlantis spacwwalkers.Once the actual outboard arrays will always be in place, S0 will send capacity to Z1 and therest with the station.the S0 truss provides your structural attach factors for your port andstarboard - P1 along with S1 - trusses which will be attached later on this year,along using pass-through ammonia cooling interfaces. Utility trays upon S0will provide power, cooling and information to Node 2, the module virtuallyidentical to Unity in which will be launched later. that power then will berouted in order to international modules.The Particular completed solar array truss may have 10 Canadarm2 perform sites,two regarding that are found upon S0.the day after Atlantis docks using the room station, Ochoa, operatingthe Canadarm2 via inside your U.S. lab module, will pull S0 from theshuttle's cargo bay along with mount it along with Destiny, employing a powerfulclaw previously throughout place to temporarily lock it inside place.Moments later, Smith and Walheim will exit Quest and also start function toattach power lines also to permanently latch your in place, deploying twobipods on the forward deal with with the truss along with bolting these phones fittings onDestiny's hull. The Actual next day, Ross and also Morin will deploy as well as attach twomassive tripods around the aft-facing aspect of S0 to accomplish the actual truss'mechanical attachment."Our busiest day by far can be flight day four, the day right after werendezvous and the initial EVA," Bloomfield said. "S0 has a timeline onit, a new lifetime, once we consider it out with the payload bay it's got a16-hour clock and also when that will 16 hours expires, then your possibilityexists in which we could do harm to S0 as it got as well cold. Consequently that'sthe clock we're running against exactly where we now have to have energy about it."If we begin acquiring behind, we possess a second pair of cables up therecalled LTA cables, that is launch-to-activate, that is basically a new wayto bypass the particular normal way of hooking up S0 as well as give to be able to us chance to thecritical boxes simply for a new brief amount regarding time," he said.The Actual mobile transporter is mounted on the forward confront regarding S0, attachedto a new set of rails which run the total size of the truss segment. Thetransporter measures 102 by 107 inches, weighs 1,923 pounds along with iscapable of the top speed, unloaded, of 1 inch for each second. Whenever itcrosses joints among truss segments, the pace will drop to some glacial0.06 inches for each second.The "linear drive unit" inside the particular transporter "is basically just like themotor, transmission as well as brakes within your car," Sellari said. "This is actually whatmakes the particular mobile transporter go. The idea provides 2 drive devices onto it thatengage the actual rail along with by means of friction, enable the mobile transporter to be able to goup and also down the rails."The Particular transporter in addition can be equipped with a quartet involving load transferunits, or even LTUs, claw-like devices that will lock the platform in position atvarious truss work web sites and so the Canadarm2 can easily safely maneuver largecomponents.The device referred to as any roller suspension unit keeps the particular mobile transporteron its rails in the weightlessness of space, making use of five spring-loadedwheels for you to utilize your force as well as tension essential for that linear driveunit to appropriately engage.the transporter, and within the end Canadarm2, will route data along with videoback to the station via any flat cable known as the trailing umbilicalsystem, or perhaps TUS. Your TUS will unroll powering the actual transporter as it inchesalong along with roll backup in the event it moves another way.With each of your 10 Canadarm2 function sites along the completed truss, twoumbilicals will most likely be open to provide the power needed to actuallyoperate the particular Canadarm2.during the third spacewalk of Atlantis' mission, Smith along with Walheimplan in order to remove launch locks and other equipment for you to totally free the transporterfor movement. The Particular subsequent day, your transporter's linear drive system willbe powered up to drive it via its launch position to end up being able to perform site 4 in thestarboard finish of S0 then in order to function web site 5 around the port side. Assumingall which will go smoothly, your transporter will be moved back to function site4 and locked set up for use during the subsequent assembly mission."We'll actually translate it from its launch situation to always be able to certainly 1 of thework websites then we'll translate it to the additional work site," Castlesaid. "We'll let it rest inside the situation UF-2 desires it, because UF-2 bringsup the actual mobile berthing system, which in turn attaches for the mobile transporter.We want to place it inside the proper spot for them."Overall, S0 is "the centerpiece" in the station's primary solar arraytruss, Castle said. "It's what the rest with the truss elements develop outon.""The truss elements are very important simply because that will will get most thepower modules up and also that can be what we can add all regarding the partnerelements," he said. " We're rapidly approaching the purpose where we'regoing to become energy limited, we must go ahead and construct the actual truss outand obtain one other energy elements in line."CANADIAN SPACE CRANE CRITICAL TO MISSION SUCCESSS0 is going to be only the 2nd significant component manipulated inside room byCanadarm2. Ochoa will function the actual arm from within Destiny using fivetelevision monitors to determine what she's doing. The Particular monitors will provideviews through cameras mounted on the arm itself along with in the shuttle's cargobay."This flight will be usually billed as a possible EVA flight, which in turn makes sensegiven your four hard EVAs coming up," Ochoa said. "But I often believe ofit as a robotics flight. it really is a test with the station robotic arm.It's only the second occasion we're using the arm to end up being able to lift a large payloadout of the bay and in addition this one, S0 truss, weighs twice what are generally the airlockweighed. Consequently it will be quite a bit distinct task than shifting theairlock around."In different occasions during the spacewalks, the girl said, "we position the arm inall different varieties of configurations, wrapped round the zenith sideand your nadir side in the lab and often with actually tight clearances. Soit's truly the team effort to carry out all associated with the robotics tasks."Ochoa will be assisted through Bursch along with Walz, each regarding whom haveextensive encounter operating the particular arm within orbit."The station robotic arm is truly a real challenge to operate as well as Ellen isactually doing it through inside the lab," Bloomfield said. "There are nowindows within the lab that enable Ellen to check outside to see where thearm will be moving. Consequently she's extremely influenced by all regarding the camera views we cangive the girl so that they does not go forward along with take arm along with run it directly into something upthere."Those camera views originate from Steve's hard work. He has put togetheran extraordinary video system that's going to allow Ellen to determine all thedifferent views along with create sure that she has the actual clearance to always be able to safelyoperate the actual arm."Every with the seven joints in Canadarm2 can be built with a couple of redundantavionics "strings" used to remotely control joint drive motors, brakesand many other systems. 1 string can be arbitrarily considered "prime"and one other "backup."Throughout exams throughout early March, engineers learned that your wrist-rolljoint in the primary string had not been working properly, apparently becauseof a problem using the internal electronics because string. the backupstring offers no such problems and the joint labored normally. but should asimilar glitch occur during S0 installation, your arm's computer software wouldconsider your joint failed as well as place the crane directly into so-called "safe mode."In Order To avoid that possibility, engineers redesigned the particular trajectory thearm will observe in the course of S0 installation in order to reduce utilisation associated with the wrist-rolljoint. Inside addition, Canadian programmers wrote the software program patch toprevent your arm via starting safe mode if the backup string does, infact, suffer a wrist-roll avionics glitch.Throughout that case, Smith along with Walheim would work together with a power tool to manuallyrotate your stalled wrist-roll joint to the necessary orientation.Ochoa mentioned the crew has trained using the new processes along with that will shedoes not anticipate virtually any problems."While every 1 regarding the joint aspects for that positions are really different (in therevised trajectory), a new great offer of that which usually you do using the hand controller, allthe manual flying, is essentially the actual same," Ochoa said. "The mainchange is actually we've changed type of the actual center a part of the maneuver, whichused being a car maneuver that features been going to transfer S0 forward as well as aroundthe corner, getting it type of set up for your install, which can be flownmanually."We've taken that will out along with replaced which having a group of single jointmaneuvers," she said. "And the entire goal regarding which was in order to make an effort to reducemoving your wrist roll joint whenever we could, to maneuver it as little aspossible, also to continually be in the position exactly where in the large event the excellent stringfailed so we needed to look at for the string exactly where we're certainly not in a new position to use the wristroll, there's only one occasion where the EVA crew members would have tocome out and within real fact move in which joint. We could even now just do it andmanually install S0 on the lab with almost all the arm."Any new wrist roll joint along with a pair of sets of presumably pristine avionicsequipment, will possibly be installed during the subsequent shuttle mission. Launchoriginally ended up being planned pertaining to early May, however the flight has been delayed for you to May31 to supply more time as well as energy to build a payload bay mounting fixture and also toimprove the particular angle among the sun's rays and in addition the station's orbit.SPACEWALKS POSE TOUGH CHALLENGE TO SHUTTLE CREWThe very first spacewalk of Atlantis' mission is scheduled to begin theday after docking, soon after Ochoa completes S0's first attachment toDestiny.Assisted by simply Bursch, Ochoa will "move it out over the actual port aspect of thecombined stack and then move the actual orientation around, arrive up over thetop in the lab then extremely precisely carry S0 on to what's calledthe module-to-truss-segment attach system, or perhaps MT-SAS," Castle said."You'll additionally start to determine the lab cradle assembly becoming used. They'll alignthem very precisely, then activate a capture latch. Your capture latch isactually on the lab, it looks just such as a claw. We'll capture S0, pull thestructure collectively and then some alignment manuals will collection up veryprecisely."That will almost all become completed inside the very first part of your crew day,"Castle said. "We're timing it thus just as we're finished with all the capturelatch operation, we'll be depressing the actual airlock to consider the first EVAcrew outside."Smith, wearing any spacesuit with red stripes around the legs, will be aveteran associated with 5 previous spacewalks although Walheim, wearing an unmarkedwhite suit, will probably be generating his initial such excursion.Smith will deploy the telescoping struts creating up the forward bipodsand Walheim will "rigidize" these like the legs of the camera tripod andbolt them to fittings about Destiny's hull. Smith, meanwhile, will open up atrap door close to always be able to the middle involving S0 and also float portion means into the truss toloosen a set of clamps permitting a large cable tray to always be able to deploy.the cable tray will be around the aft facet regarding S0 facing the Z1 truss. It isknown as the "rat's nest.""It's buried between numerous modules and also trusses which area couldbe called the heart regarding space station for spacewalkers," Barclay said."This is where many electrical along with fluid lines mate between themodules."before making any such connections, however, circuit interruptdevices, as well as CIDs, is likely to be installed and activated such as circuit breakersto ensure no electricity is actually flowing through some of the particular cables.Smith then will disconnect the set of diagnostic cables as well as launch apair associated with bolts to really lower the particular tray prior to connecting ten cablesbetween the tray and also connectors in Z1. on leading side of the truss,Walheim, occasionally assisted through Smith, will deploy an additional tray andmake yet another twenty electrical connections.If time is available, Smith will install 2 much more CIDs inside thetruss for you to allow long term assembly crews for you to "break electrical circuits inthe middle along with reduce the quantity associated with room station energy down that'srequired during later on assembly missions," Barclay said.The Actual final main goal of the extremely first spacewalk is to energy up the actual mobiletransporter's internal heaters through your trailing umbilical system.Working together, Smith and also Walheim will electrically connect the particular TUSand install concerning twenty feet regarding cable inside instructions over the mobiletransporter's rails."So following EVA-1, we have got got a couple of out of the 4 strut groupsattached, therefore we're structurally within great shape pertaining to a serious while, we'llhave every 1 associated with the energy hooked up thus all of the avionics tend to be up and also operating andwe'll activate S0 and all of the equipment on it that evening, following thecrew finishes the particular EVA," Castle said.the next day, your mixed station-shuttle crew will work inside thelab complex in order to transfer equipment both in order to and also from Atlantis, configurecameras also to top off your airlock module's oxygen and nitrogensupplies.The Particular 2nd spacewalk is going to be conducted simply by Ross as well as Morin on flightday six. Ross provides a lot much more than 44 hours involving spacewalk moment during his sixprevious missions whilst Morin is actually a rookie. Regarding identification, Ross'spacesuit features broken red dashes around the legs while Morin's hasdiagonal candy cane stripes.The Particular primary aim with the excursion would be to deploy and also latch the twotripods on the aft side regarding S0 which will complete its structuralattachment to Destiny."Each of these deploy out, attach for the lab, there's an expandingcollar that enables their particular length for you to change," Castle said. "So they will attachthem to the lab after which tighten down the collar so the length can'tchange just about any more. Consequently you wind up using a relatively rigid structural memberwhen you're done."Ross as well as Morin in addition will remove the 2 significant keel pins that will helpedanchor S0 inside the shuttle's cargo bay for launch. The Particular keel pins as well as twoother components known as drag back links should be removed for you to permit the mobiletransporter to move forward as well as backward along its rails.Finally, the particular spacewalkers will attach any 2nd TUS for the mobiletransport to supply redundancy.Your third spacewalk, by Smith as well as Walheim, is actually scheduled for your nextday. With Regard To this excursion, the shuttle's robot arm will be utilized to moveSmith with regards to although the 2 spacewalkers reconfigure the actual cabling for thestation's Canadarm2.the Canadian crane currently draws its energy through connections toDestiny's electrical system. The Actual aim of the third spacewalk will be toconnect the particular robot arm to power feeds on the S0 truss, permitting it tooperate from your mobile transporter."We really don't want to power down just about all of Canadarm two just about all at once,we're likely to carry it down one redundant string at a time," Castlesaid. "So we'll energy down 1 string, perform energy reconfiguration,power that will string up, verify it works, then we'll energy on the otherstring associated with avionics and chance the particular energy configurations there."Your arm's redundant energy lines will be connected to the truss at twopoints. while ground engineers test the first cable reconfiguration,Smith and also Walheim will remove launch locks holding the mobiletransporter inside place. after creating the second pair of robot armconnections, the actual spacewalkers will split up as well as reposition equipment whilethe ground runs another series of tests to make positive the particular crane will be onceagain fully operational.Your final task for your spacewalkers is always to install a ladder-like"spur" involving the Quest airlock and S0 to create it less difficult for futureassembly crews to get up to the truss function sites.the next day, your crew will still work with ground engineers for you to test themobile transporter, commanding it to end up being able to roll in between both perform websites onS0. the day following that, Ross as well as Morin will stage the mission's fourthand final spacewalk."EVA-4 is truly a bunch associated with get-ahead stuff," Castle said. "If absolutely nothing onEVA-4 will get done, we've had a really effective mission. all the criticalthings who have to get done, obtain completed inside the first three EVAs. That'sby design. If anything isn't getting carried out about the very first three EVAs, we'lldo it upon EVA 4. Along With if one thing falls from EVA 4, it's issues thatcan be picked up down stream ... fairly easily."Ross will ride about the finish of Canadarm2 to put within a couple of externallights whilst Morin torques three bolts to finish the actual structural loadpath in between S0 along with Destiny. Your a couple of spacewalkers then will finishdeploying several little bits of equipment across the truss, includinga perform platform along with a device stanchion.Ross in addition will position two "energy absorbers" in each side of themobile transporter."These are usually essentially significant shock absorbers," Barclay said. "Futurespacewalkers will have hand-propelled carts to wheel on the truss railand these energy absorbers enable attachment of these carts to always be able to themobile transporter and they furthermore would cushion any kind of collision among thecart and in addition the transporter."Morin will deploy the charged particle directional spectrometer thatultimately will be accustomed to sniff out just about any leaks inside the ammonia coolantsystem as well as others. He also will deploy a new swing arm near the rat's nestcarrying connectors that will later on is likely to be hooked up for the Unity module.With the same time, Ross is likely to be conducting a new video survey "to makesure alignment marks will always be in excellent shape regarding later mating fo the actual Canadarm2base system," Barclay said. He in addition will install five spacewalkhandrails upon S0 as well as inspect your GPS antennas."A lot of these tasks are generally sort of generic, driving any bolt, removing ablanket, in which type of thing," Barclay said. "But throughout relation to overallcriticality in the particular direction of the actual next room station mission and survival involving theelement, which type of thing, this is actually a pretty complex mission."Your day following the fourth spacewalk, Atlantis will undock coming from thespace station. Along With pilot Frick at the controls, your shuttle will flyone along using a quarter loops around the station just before leaving the area forgood. Landing is actually focused with regard to just just before 2 p.m. upon April 15."I think there's possibly a fantastic likelihood we'll have a great offer of fun,"Ross reflected. "We've previously got items planned for the (station)crew being in a new position to enjoy some quiet times together. As Well As just being thereis adequate enjoyable regarding me."I mean, it's an incredible experience. God developed a beautiful placefor us to survive as well as being in the place to observe from 200-and-some miles up,it's just [an] incredible experience. Living in zero gravity, getting ableto share that using ten various other people is something that's very, veryhard to express to other people, the actual impact regarding that."===================================================================Weather 'iffy' for launch (04/03/02)10:25 a.m., 04/03/02, Update: Weather outlook now sixty percent 'go'Forecasters now say there's a 40 percent potential for showers andpossible thunderstorms that will delay your shuttle Atlantis' plannedliftoff Thursday afternoon on a room station assembly mission. The Actual oddsimprove in order to 0.8 "go" Friday as well as drop back to always be able to sixty percent favorableshould launch slip for you to Saturday.Out with launch pad 39B, shuttle workers get finished loadingAtlantis' internal tanks together with liquid oxygen and hydrogen for you to power theship's electrical generators and consequently are pressing ahead using the launchcountdown. When late afternoon thunderstorms develop as expected,lightning and furthermore the threat regarding hail could force engineers to become able to delayretraction with the shuttle's protective gantry. Nevertheless zero main problems areexpected.NASA managers, meanwhile, plan to meet from 4 p.m. nowadays in order to talk about theresults involving additional overnight function in order to assess the health of Atlantis'external tank umbilical door drive motors. In Your course Of latest exams associated with adrive assembly aboard the shuttle Endeavour, a motor took more time thanexpected to seal among the actual doors. Whilst nobody thinks Atlantis has aproblem - it's drive motors worked effectively throughout regular assessments beforethe shuttle was moved towards the pad - NASA managers want to make absolutelysure prior to clearing the ship regarding launch.The Particular external tank doors tend to be latched open throughout launch therefore propellantflowing through 17-inch feed lines in the external gas tank can passinto the shuttle's engine compartment. Right After the particular tank can be jettisoned, thedoors, covered with heat shield tiles, are generally closed.Your motor issue demands resolution because the consequences areextreme. Ought To a door fall short to shut for almost any reason, the particular heat ofatmospheric entry would result in destruction in the orbiter.that said, engineers think Atlantis' motors are, throughout fact, perfectlyhealthy. That They just required the bit of added time and energy to undergo most thepaperwork in additional motors inside the shuttle inventory.Atlantis' launch period won't end up being revealed by simply NASA until 24 hoursbefore liftoff. Until then, NASA is merely heading to say launch is actually targetedbetween two p.m. along with six p.m. Thursday. but widely accessible satellitetracking software program signifies Atlantis need to always be able to take off about 5:13 p.m.Thursday so as to become able to rendezvous with just about all the international area station onSaturday. While quickly as NASA makes in which official, we will update the particular flightplan on the current Mission page to reflect the particular actual target launchtime. We will publish your NASA television schedule as soon because it isreleased.5:30 p.m., 04/03/02, Update: NASA releases official launch timeNASA officially unveiled the shuttle Atlantis' launch moment today.Weather permitting, your shuttle will blast off with 5:12:51 p.m. Thursday,within a few minutes - within at least one case, within several seconds - ofthe moment predicted earlier by accessible satellite trackingsoftware. The Particular actual 10-minute launch window will open with 5:07:52 p.m.and shut at 5:17:50 p.m. Earlier concern about suspect drive motors inthe shuttle's propellant feed range insures was resolved at an afternoonmanagement review.NASA's television schedule of major mission events is likely to be availableshortly. An up-to-date flight plan, based on the official launch time, willbe posted later on this evening. The Particular most recent variation with the flight planincludes several significant changes along with viewers are generally asked to checkthe Existing Mission web page later tonight for your posted revision.===================================================================Shuttle launch delayed by hydrogen leak from pad (04/04/02)08:35 a.m., 04/04/02, Update: Shuttle fueled regarding launchOperating simply by remote control, engineers began pumping any half-milliongallons associated with liquid oxygen and also liquid hydrogen rocket fuel directly into theshuttle Atlantis' external tank at 8:05 a.m. today, setting the particular stagefor any launch attempt at 5:12:51 p.m.Forecasters still predict a new good chance - 40 % - forafternoon showers as well as thunderstorms, however there are not necessarily any technical problemsof any kind of significance from pad 39B and the astronauts strategy in order to beginstrapping in just before 2 p.m.Beneath a fresh post-Sept. 11 security policy, NASA television coveragewill certainly not begin until the particular crew is already at the pad, in 2 p.m. Thecrew's classic breakfast "photo op," suit donning along with walk out tothe van that will bring these towards the pad will most likely be taped as well as replayed afterNASA television coverage begins.following a standard countdown, your shuttle's crew cabin hatch willbe closed about 3:15 p.m. a 10-minute maintain at the T-minus 20-minutemark will start at 3:58 p.m. along with finish from 4:08 p.m. Any final adjustablehold at the T-minus nine-minute mark will start at 4:19 p.m. In the event that just about all goeswell, your countdown will resume with 5:03:51 p.m. to get a liftoff in 5:12:51p.m.09:50 a.m., 04/04/02, Update: Propellant leak at pad forces launchdelayNASA managers referred in order to as off today's make an effort to launch the particular shuttleAtlantis on the room station assembly mission after getting a leak create