Why is it when people split up they can not be amicable? I don’t hate my ex-husband, actually it is quit the contrary, but he is still harboring ill will and resentment towards me. At every opportunity he has to make comments to my children that are negative and derogatory. I have tried to be the nice guy, not discussing any of the issues with the kids or bringing them into the situation. Yet, he can’t seem to do that. I was on the phone with my son and my ex-husband made a nasty comment in the background and his girlfriend started laughing hysterically. Of course this sent me through the roof…………… and when I asked my son if he made a nasty comment, he got upset and abruptly ended the conversation. According to the kids, they say the girlfriend does not allow my ex to make negative comments about me in front of the kids, so maybe I am wrong and over reacted about the situation.  I understand that I completely hurt him…. I really do….. But why? Why? Why can’t we just go back to being friends. I am an honest, trusting and forgiving person, and don’t harbor resentment, or hold grudges, and maybe expecting others to act the same way is completely unreasonable and naive. I know that most people aren’t like me, but I don’t understand why people just can’t accept things, forgive and move on. I learned a long time ago, to release the things that you can not change and whether you like it, there has to be some level of acceptance or you can’t move on as a person. It’s that old adage that you may not forget an act but you can forgive. So analyze it, understand how and why, put process’ in place so that you don’t get duped again, but why allow the negativity to consume you? I guess that’s all I have to say about that.