7 Random Tips For Starcraft 2 Gamers

https%3A%2F%2Fimg.thedailybeast.com%2FimI have never quite been able to by into the logic of a tanning salon. Sure - I realize that when there's no sun out, or its raining or snowing or the beach just isn't anywhere in sight a tanning booth offers me a chance to put some color in my cheeks. Call me old fashioned, but if I'm not lying out on a towel somewhere with at least a conch shell close to my ear and listening to echoes of ocean waves, then I'd rather just put up with pale skin.

Cold Blooded means that you are not seen by enemy UAVs, thermal scopes, air support, or sentry guns. This is incredibly useful in some cases unmanned aerial systems but not that great in others. While everyone is inside waiting for the harrier strike to be over you can run out and shoot down the harrier, getting extra points.

It's not surprising that the recent raid on bin Laden's compound in Pakistan employed a dog. Reports recount that bin Laden's presence was uncertain. A dog would know if he was there or had been.

Let's talk about the new CTU because it is awesome. Love the new modernistic look and the holograms - very cool for 24.. But great 24 settings do not always make for great 24 decisions. It didn't take long in 24 to start seeing the bad decisions. The new boss at CTU, Brian Hastings, seemed to have got the job by promising a "lean and mean" CTU. It appears the emphasis is on lean. They use uav types to help with surveillance and end up getting a helicopter blown up and their contact killed of which Mr. Hastings tries to keep all of that quiet, but Jack Bauer knows.

The MaxiMog started life as the Mercedes Unimog before it was converted for full survival duty. Don't be fooled by it's name, this red headed step-child of society features a high-performance motorbike BOV, undersea vehicle and a special living trailer. BONUS: it includes a uav types that can send live images of incoming attacks from up to ten miles away!

Sleight of hand gives you faster reloading especially handy if you got a Light Machine Gun. Its also comes in useful for rushers, melee and stealth players. It makes the reload time of the SMG's crazy fast.

All this and Jack Bauer is in the middle of it. Instead of hopping on a plane with Kim and her adorable perfect family including a blond haired granddaughter and jetting off to LA, Grandpa Bauer is going to save the world again.