7 Good-yielding Stocks With A Very Low Price To Free Cash Flow

Banking: Cash flow problem

All the data for this article were taken from Yahoo Finance, Portfolio123 and finviz.com. (click to enlarge) Provident Financial Holdings, Inc. ( PROV ) Provident Financial Holdings, Inc. operates as the holding company for Provident Savings Bank, F.S.B. that provides community banking and mortgage banking services to consumers and small to mid-sized businesses in the Inland Empire region of Southern California. Provident Financial Holdings has no debt at all, and it has a very low trailing P/E of 8.59 and a forward P/E of 19.71. The price-to-cash ratio is very low at 0.89, and the price to book value is also very low at 0.97.

Jane invested $15,000 in a term deposit with cash flow banking the Bank of Queensland. When it matured she wanted to withdraw her money in cash because the Commonwealth Bank, just down the street, offered a better rate. Many term deposit holders might find themselves in such a situation right now. As institutions continue to find it difficult to raise cheap funding for the home loans they rely on as their deposit base. As a result we are seeing some great returns on term deposits.