7 foreign policy questions for the candidates at the final presidential debate

Foreign policy becomes the centerpiece for the last U.S. presidential debate following Monday, and iReporters are currently telling us what inquiries they'd like to request President Barack Obama and his Republican challenger, Mitt Romney.With two past debates behind them and polls putting the candidates in a tight race, the two will be searching to score a few weighty punches ahead of Election Day on November six. They certainly will have considerably to discuss, from the conflict in Syria, to tensions in between Iran and Israel above Iran's nuclear programme to the European fiscal crisis.We took a sample of the subjects sparking the most interest and debate amongst iReporters, to see what they would ask the two the candidates.1. What will you do if there is a war in between Israel and Iran?iReporter Rick Huffman from Michigan would like to request both candidates about an concern weighing on his thoughts: A potential war among Israel and Iran. "I see that it truly is going to come about. It's just a matter of when," he said. "For me, I have to know what the response will be simply because it will have an impact on people today right here and all all over. I'd like to know if they would commit fully, partially or not at all."2. How will you safeguard Syria's chemical weapons?iReporter Rummel Pinera from the Philippines wanted to know how each candidates would safe Syria's stockpile of chemical weapons. "It is within the national protection interest of the U.S. that this kind of stockpiles of chemical weapons would not fall into the hands of extremist and terrorist groups," he stated. "This kind of an situation ought to be handled correctly for the security and security of the American men and women as properly as Arabs."three. How do you see the U.S.'s position in other nations?iReporter Harry Hayfield from Wales in the United Kingdom wondered how the candidates see the U.S.'s position in the world and in relation to the United Nations. Due to the fact of the ongoing conflict in Syria and concern above Iran's nuclear programme, the challenge has turn out to be of raising relevance. "At the second it really is all 'what ifs' about military response," he says. "I want to know no matter if the determination in 2003 was partisan and whether today it could be non-partisan."four. How will you limit the impact of another potential European economic downturn on the U.S.?The repercussions of the European economic crisis proceed to spread. iReporter Mark Ivy from Indiana wonders what each candidates would do to to reduce the affect. "What takes place in Europe does have an impact on the U.S. and I just wondered if either candidate had a contingency in the occasion [European] leaders are not able to stave off a big economic downturn." He additional, "This challenge ... has the possible to affect absolutely everyone."five. How will you enable Greece?Meanwhile in Europe itself, iReporter Marios P. Efthymiopoulos from Greece wanted to know how both candidates would do to support a nation so blighted by the European money crisis. He also says that Greece and Israel are increasingly aligned and asks each what this would indicate for the U.S.'s relations with the two nations.6. How will you enable the world's ladies?iReporter Martina Lunardelli from Italy desired to request the two candidates a query on an situation close to her heart - the rights of ladies. "There are so a lot of places in the world in which we are even now persecuted," she says. "I want to inquire if in [their] foreign policy there are resources to pay for aid for global females to enhance human rights, employment and to eradicate violence and discrimination ... in underdeveloped nations."seven. How will you fight terror?Independent U.S. voter Beth Alice Barret, a native of the city of New York, is keen to know what the candidates system to do to be certain the city that suffered the 9/11 attacks - and the rest of the globe - is stored safe from potential attacks. "Living in NYC, you are continually reminded of [the attacks] every time you walk outdoors," she explained. "A lot of individuals fret that a tragic attack will take place once more."We'll be viewing with you, so tune in to the final presidential debate on Monday, October 22 at 9 p.m. ET. What issues on foreign policy would you like to be answered at the debate? Share your issues, or feel totally free to go over these inquiries in the feedback beneath.To get more information regarding R4 card,please take a look at substance that is related to http://ge.tt/6F7bYyF2/v/0 - subject material -