I'm a 35-year-old female that was just diagnosed with heart failure about a month ago. I spent a week in the hospital and underwent several different tests. An echocardiogram is what finally determined what was wrong with me. For several weeks I was having several unexplainable symptoms including swelling and shortness of breath. I went to the emergency room with extreme swelling and they admitted me. Once they determined that it was Heart failure they started me on a regimen of Lasix and Coreg and Liprinisol. I was at 15% EF when I was admitted and 25-30% when I was released. They really could not determine the cause. My valves are normal, my blood pressure is normal, all my tests came back normal, ect. Other than the heart failure diagnosis I seem to be a ok and healthy. Since then I have been on my medication, reduced my sodium intake substantially, not drank any alcohol, watched my fluid intake, and try to implement more physical activity. I have seen a 34 pound weight loss and feel so much better than I did before the diagnosis. I have my first cardiologist follow up visit on the 11th and I'm hoping that he sees more improvement. The biggest issue I've had was my adjustment period right after the diagnosis. For about a week all I did was read about this diagnosis and stress about my life expectancy and future. I still worry sometimes but try to put all my energy into taking care of myself and staying healthy. When I think about my future I wonder if I'll get married or even meet someone that can handle the fact that I have this and may not live forever. It also takes having a child off the table so that also makes me sad. The other thing is I feel like I don't have the same circle of friends because I can't go out and have happy hour or go out to dinner, ect. I do feel a little isolated in that sense. But with all that said, it hasn't even been a month since my diagnosis. I know I'm a strong person and I'll make this something that will change my life and make me a healthier person. I'm taking this as a sign that my life needed to change and will try to have faith that I've got a long time left to live. I just have to commit to my lifestyle change and take care of myself. I decided to join this group because I really don't know a lot about this condition and I really want to read some positive encouraging things about people's experiences because most of what I read has been very negative. It's really hard talking to people I know about it because they don't understand. They hear it and they look at me like it's the end for me. So for now I'll just try to stay positive and read good things and ignore the bad things.