general update

okay well....there is alot to say and i know im gonna be skimpy and broad on the subjects on hand but i dont realy care...pretty much im at my dads and yesterday i was at my uncles and my mom started her shit up again, wanting me to go down back to their house and take care of her husband cuz he doesnt know how to take care of himselfe with his sugars, and hes been depressed lately while my one sister goes to look at colleges with my mom and my other sister is at a friends house so i didnt have to put up with her and i said no b.c we didnt have any way of getting down there and then my mom said she could of taken me down and all that by that time i was talking to my sister as my dad and mom texted back and forth and apparently i got a text saying that pretty much i can just live with my dad and for my dad not to talk to mom b.c he didnt have permission and that my stuff would be at my grandmas, well i was staying at my uncles that night and my uncle slept till his women got home and wel...i had a miller light and got a contact buzz from them smoking pot and i felt better as we watched a movie and all that so now im home thinking things through again feeling emo and wanting to die big surprise..and oh yea i may be going to jobcorps in the next two weeks.. so yea in cincinattie for either culinary arts, facility matnience or carpentry oh wow yea..v.v idk i give up