6 Things That Happen When Companies Work With IT Support Companies

Handling menial tasks all day long can lead to burnout among corporate IT staff members. No matter how experienced and skilled an IT employee may be, they can't do their best work when they're saddled with routine tasks. In this guide, business owners will find out what happens when they eliminate such distractions and free up in-house staff by choosing a Managed IT Support provider.

Human Error is Largely Avoided

According to a report from Kaspersky, 80% of cybersecurity incidents are based on human error. Even the most dedicated IT staff will make mistakes, especially when it's stretched thin. By outsourcing part of the workload to an automated IT Support service, a business owner can eliminate most security vulnerabilities.

Companies Outpace the Competition

Outsourcing IT to a managed service gives companies the advantages of a cutting-edge, well-staffed IT department without the upfront investment. This helps small companies compete on an equal footing, or even come out ahead of larger companies.

Risk is Minimized

Businesses face compliance and security issues each day. The valuable insights provided by a managed services company can help companies avoid industry-specific roadblocks and risks.

Preventing Costly Downtime

Almost data management services that lead to downtime are preventable. The important thing is to find and resolve issues before they cause major problems. A Managed IT Support provider will assess the infrastructure's overall security and performance, and then suggest services and products to solve problems.

No More IT Employee Hassles

It can take weeks or even months to find, hire, and train IT employees, only to find that they don't perform as expected. However, with managed services providers, clients can avoid these surprises by working with an experienced team that gets the job done the first time.

Building Confidence in the IT Team

Managed services providers have seen it all, which means they can solve most problems businesses face. Their breadth of experience typically exceeds that of an in-house IT department, and managed services know the most efficient solutions to common IT problems. That's particularly valuable in a crisis when networks are down and companies are losing money.

Over 65% of IT spending goes toward everyday, ordinary tasks that do little to move businesses forward. Therefore, most companies waste talent and time on menial tasks that can be outsourced to managed services providers. Call Chameleon IT Service today to learn how they can help companies of all sizes keep their networks safer and more secure.