Saturday, April 28???

Daughter went out of state to Bio family to help sis make arrangements. Want to be with daughter but felt she needed time to be with sis and just get some closure. I'm in this but not "part" of it. All very very weird. I am my daughter's mom but I am not part of that family. Again....all very very weird position to be in. From their point of view, I am merely a friend of their mother's.

This too shall pass. I had some old pics that I had do-didie up with borders, etc. at Wal Mart to give to both girls. Hope that will bring some comfort.

It seems yesterday she & I were just HS chums ripping around and out to conquer the world. LOL Where did that time go? Was I like Rip Van Winkle and fell asleep somewhere?

PEEPS, we always think, "Well, I'll do it tomorrow" Please if I can pass on anything, get rid of that mentality. TODAY is truly all we have and eternity is just a breath away. Too quickly life is over...are you making the most of the gift of life God has granted to you?

There's a poem or something that says Life is God's gift to us and what we do with it is our gift back to Him. I know this whole thing has made me realize I've been sitting on my butt too long with the attitude...."Well, I'll do it tomorrow".

Sorry to be such a downer....I'm not usually so morose. Oooo, aren't you impressed with my big word? LOL

Take care, I'm sending love over the www and wishing all well.



U are in such a tuff place now and I\'m sorry ..I know u will make it thru it and u say and do the right things...and ur so so so right about the tomorrow thing....I hope to keep that in mind !! LOVE&HUGS Jackie

Hey to all --- My computer is at the repair shop and should be back online by 5-11 if lucky. I am at the library.

FUNERAL WAS A DISASTER! PLEASE MAKE YOUR WISHES KNOWN A.S.A.P. I was so shocked and torn. Family was actually fighting over the ashes and the eldest daughter hid the ashes to keep her step-father from doing whatever with them. My daughter will be going back to obtain some of her mother\'s ashes and bury them here near her. I hope that will help. The funeral home erred and only had the ashes in a box which tore up the girls immensely as they felt their mother was treated like \"dirt\" (pardon the expression). She was supposed to be in a lovely appropriate URN! OH MY GOSH!

All considered I am surviving. Daughter was expelled 1st day back to school as some girl mouthed off that her mother deserved to die and that if she had a kid like my daughter she\'d want to die. My gir, God love her, tackled her in the bathroom floor and bashed in her mouth. This may be wrong BUT GOOD FOR HER! That\'s my baby and altho sometimes I could kill her, I like that she is like me in that she takes nothing from no one. Ah, maybe some of my blood is in her? LOL Hugs to all.