My son

Yesterday was such a great day for me. It is one that I will remember for the rest of my life. Why? My son.
My son came out here to compete in the Denver 48 hour film festival. If you don't know what it is about, dig in, because it is really intense and really cool. Bunches of aspiring film producers come together to make movies representing all genres. Each contestant group has to pick a theme out of a hat. There is no knowledge of what theme they will get before they draw. My son pulled Foreign Film. Once everyone has drawn their theme, all the groups have exactly 48 hours to produce a movie. If your movie is late, you have no chance of winning the festival - it won't even be judged but will go through the screening by friends and family.
Well yesterday he invited me to the screening of his film. His film was about a woman who hijacks a guy and his truck, takes him hostage in order to get the key to where her kidnapped daugher is being held. The key is hidden in the lamp (the lamp is a required prop in all movies of the festival). So many contestants. All the movies were cool, but my son's was best to me. While I am a little prejudice, if you watch his film and compare it to others, you would agree it was one of the best, if not the best. It was a remarkable production. He got his crew, casted the actors, wrote the story, filmed, edited the movie, and presented his movie on time. He filmed for 45 continuous hours of the 48 hours. The remaining three hours were post production. The story was excellent. The actors who were total strangers - a woman who was the vixon and a guy who was the victim and unbeknownst kidnapper - they clicked so well. And as luck has it, both knew enough german to make this a successful foreign film. 
After the movies were all shown at the Gothic Theater in Englewood, Colorado, the film crews got on stage to take questions and talk a little about the production. Only one was asked question - my son.  
My son never ceases to amaze me. His talent is incredible. He shows it every time he works on a production. He is so friendly, funny, and so professional. I enjoy watching him work as a director, editor, and cinematographer, all of which he does so well. 
My son is not biologically related to me, and I am so sorry that I have to qualify that today, but I do. Nonetheless, I love my son as my son. He helps to bring a certain happiness to me and I am so proud of him and proud to call him my son. God has given me something that I will eternally be so grateful for - a kid (he's 29 now) that I could be a father to and feel grateful for.