An update

I have had deaths in my family and the center on west dallas in houston really cared clear lkae highhas violated my IEP. the class of 1990 screwed me over bret bair is an angel he has treated me well by taking my email. I am never ever going to a reunion for high school unless it is reasonable to attend. PAUL RITTER SMITH. did not screw me over i do not even care about that anymore. i asked for the reunion to be a dinner and they did not even listen. i am just fine. i had a n awesome 42nd birthday with my mom!!! does CCISD even care no!!!! CCISD broke my IEP. They have to be held accountable!!! CCISD is not the best district in the world. They desperately want that image. I they did noit even care about the fact that ms yeary told me that I got an F in spanish. She said that the language was not for me.GUESS WHAT CCISD I GOT AN A WHEN I TOOK THE LANGUAGE AT UH SPANISH 1501!! I do not think that Mrs Smith would agree with the district etheir she is the best teacher i have ever had!!