Ho hum humn.  This world is crazy is too cliche.  This world is this world.  It sounds simply but it is just like the last statement, as is.  I have found worth in writing.  Since writing needs to be clear and thoughts have no jail in reality, here I go.  I'd vote for Sarah Palin and Pat Robinson or Phil Robertson, that Duck Dynasty guy.  Not because they are Sarah Palin and Pat Robertson, but because they seemed perfectly normal to me recently doing interviews.  I'd vote for Wendy Davis if I knew Hillary Clinton was a landslide, or if The GOP stayed above average at best.  The difference is both women could radically enhance things "as is" and I hope they do.  Both are a gravity that hurts, even if only subtle, if you don't atleast give an honest ear.  The dream would be a Perry who did what the fuck he wants but legalizes weed as a balance and a Davis who followed suit, but that completely screws Abbott and both Clintons.  I think Obama is going to go on a 10 year day off after his term, I know I would, that guy gets absolutely no breaks.  This balance of power is lopsided.  If you think about it, 350 million bodies of free speech outnumbers executive, legislative (to a lesser degree), and has the capacity to judicial quantities if looked at directly.  The truth is we really don't know what is needed or right presently because we are experts at glorifying hindsight then calling it virtue.  The disease I assume is the fame and scrutiny.  I am not famous so I experience no legitamate or driven scrutiny.  However I imagine I am often and the assault isn't practical and what makes it even more of an irration is we welcome it as entertainment.  Efficency would prevail if judgement as a demand wasn't the ebb and flow of our means to produce greatness.  The truth is that is all a dream itself, too many haters with no shame, and life has to still produce regardless of any interpretation or output.  
Does the press have the constitutional right within their right to defame with free speech.  Defaming within capital minded people should be criminal but the ironic thing about it is it is all generated by capital!  Actually it is hilarious.  How do you respect an industry that earns a living of gossip?  The proper term is info sharing, but is the info always true?  No exceptionally often it is not, so why do they get paid to "talk shit?"  I'll tell you why, it's the nature of our beast.  We really don't care about our whole and truly are more segmented than together.  I'd be lying if I said race and class play major factors not, and I'd be negliable to say we can do better.  This is the best we do, and it is the identity we've comprised.  It's not bad, and it's not good all while dating the epitome of belief in that very dynamic, divisive again.  
All of this would possible allow anyone to neglect or grow unappreciative of it all.  I have to say the famous politicians are actually a glow for me.  They are a glow for me because they know what I just spoke of but still feel a need to provide change.  They really do know, but our system leaves them only checked with no balance of a balance.  I would assume that is why grey hair has a home for a politicians head.  
I'm very disappointed that I can buy alcohol everywhere but marijuana only illegal practically nowhere.  The medicinal properties of marijuana extend to a group of anything.  I never understood how commodity didn't allow marijuana to be the sales cousin of tobacco.  After 33 years I have yet to benefit more from tobacco bought legally than marijuana ingested medically illegally.  Every time I ingest marijuana I am better, not always the case with alcohol or tobacco especially.  I wouldn't feel compelled to willfully improve illegally or amorally if law understood that marijuana is a plus for humanity naturally.  I don't ingest marijuana to get high, I ingest it because it really works and helps my own human conditions.