Today, I battle my illness.  I must fight.  If I do not it will win, it's that simple.  My illness dislikes courage, the courages foe it loves not.  The symptom it garners strength from an for is me giving up.  I could say " that is enough" as I wither inside from it's madness, but I am not it and it not I.  Realize the lie that lies within its inside, a hidden hideous rye or why of "goodbye".  Inspirational it seems as it tightens a grip on me that wrenches my gut, the exhaustion overshadowing reality.  Sadly, it is not me but I have to work or worked at his "majesty" just to sometimes see clearly.  Originality as I have it's knees not bent one buckle, I will not do nothing as a grounds for solution, I will do everything as I link to the institution, forever in enternity, usually.
I hope and want to believe you (the reader) grew from that writing.  This site knows daily we need strength even if it's zero int the bank.  I forced myself to write this even though my plan is rest.  His plan is me doing exactly this.  



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