Celebs Get Artsy At Elysium Gala Curated By Marina Abramovic - Yahoo News

"It's Marina's vision that you are part of the art," guests were told upon entering the party Saturday, held in an airplane hangar in Santa http://yourtrainings.com/thecelebritytoday/ Monica, California. It began with a "silent cocktail hour." Celebrants such as Zach Braff, Usher, Joaquin Phoenix and Johnny Depp, who lounged on a couch behind velvet company website ropes, were instructed not to speak during the cocktail reception and encouraged to wear silencing headphones provided by attendants. Drinks were to be ordered by pointing at a Kim Kardashian menu. Depp and fiancee Amber Heard, the night's guest of honor, did not wear the headsets. When chatter erupted after about 30 minutes, Abramovic playfully admonished partygoers for not following the rules. Instead of a ballroom of numbered tables, guests entered a gymnasium full of beds topped with tray tables. Everyone was given a gray robe to wear over their fancy clothes. Full story: http://news.yahoo.com/celebs-artsy-elysium-gala-curated-marina-abramovic-151731458.html