5 Jealously secured ideas For Online organisation Growth

Let's thank God for ideas. But, if ideas were to equal entrepreneurship, everyone of you would have been great entrepreneurs, great inventors, great business men and women. Entrepreneurship is a subject that goes beyond starting a business and staying a business owner! It's not about blowing your trumpet, giving yourself ego-centric titles: CEO, COO, OM, OPC, EFCC - because you have formed yourself into a company. No!

valentines_card_with_teddy_bear_in_bw-10It's easier to sell to a target audience than to everybody. You don't have to satisfy everyone, only your target audience. Become an expert in your niche. You can then gain a loyal following who seek you out for solutions in this niche. This is a way to gain respect and credibility.

Next make sure there is a market for what you are offering. Think of keywords that describe your product or service and go to Google and see what you find. Look at the sites that come up and see what they are offering as well. This will give you a place to start with how to best get your offering out there. Don't think of everyone as competition. There is plenty to go around and you have to remember that you are unique so what you are offering is always going to be different from someone else, even if it seems similar. Look at this part as a learning experience.

The presence of a consultant requires in-house "selling" to be done to the rest of the organization. And hopefully, if successful, will also require external marketing and PR for whatever initiative the consultant is hired for - which the company will undoubtedly want to talk about publicly. In the digital age, it's incredibly easy to find out a consultant's expertise and successes and failures. A good journalist will find out who is behind such a successful venture that the company is so eager to talk about. The worst thing to happen would be if the consultant severely lacked credibility in any way - which would make the consultant and the company look bad.

Our body changes automatically. Our personality, which eventually determines our business growth, doesn't grow automatically (would be nice if it did). Our personality only changes if forced by some inner or outer event. If we are lucky, we don't have to have something "bad" manifest. If we are paying attention, we can see signs along the way that nudge us towards change. But if we don't listen, the universe will take a more drastic measure and throw us a curve ball.

The Nigerian business landscape consists of entrepreneurs who, despite their humble backgrounds, withstood the storm and are still standing tall in their pursuits.

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