5 Amazing Things you can Make Reusing Pizza Boxes

Pizza is an all-time favorite cuisine all over the globe, it was initially loved by Americans, but now the whole world is in its Trans. You can find and have the yummiest pizza of your choice in multiple flavors and styles around you easily. Pizza is amazing; it’s a circle comes in square and eaten as a triangle that brings amazing fusion to it.

The next important thing comes with the pizza is pizza packaging. To make the take away easy and frequent for you pizza boxes are designed. Differently, that enhances the handhold and keeps the pizza in good shape. These are smart and attractive enough to be handled easily. Do you think that pizza boxes you have got at your place at the party are just a piece of crap and needs to be thrown away? Definitely, no, pizza box is much more than just a piece of crap.


Think Of Something Different!

pizza boxes wholesale stock that you commonly get with your unlimited pizza orders and deliveries are like a chest of creativity for you. These cardboard boxes let you think of something different and experience a bit of creativity. With the pizza packaging, there are many of amazing things you can make and redesign easily. All you need is to give it a try. Here we got some of the easy and amazing crafts that you can make easily with the help of pizza boxes.

 1. Soccer Play Set

Soccer and pizza is always a good combination. For the intense matches when you feel hungry in a gathering ordering a pizza is the first thought you have. Then what about playing soccer in a pizza box? It is amazing and exciting for you at gatherings to try with some soccer but this time in a pizza box. You do not need a proper ground and a real soccer ball to play. In fact, you can place your DIY play set on a table in living room and have all the fun. All you need for this is a pizza box, paint, some of the glue, paper ball and water straws. Get the box straight on the table with its corners intact and join all the boundary joints to make the walls. Draw the goal points and whole soccer ground using paints. Get the paper ball and use straws to make goals.


 2. Interior Decoration; Wall art

The next you can do some of your interior decorations using pizza boxes. Make sure to pick up clean pizza boxes, cut them in half by using both of sides. Joint the corners to form proper box shape borders. Cut and paste the wallpaper or wrapping sheets of your choice, moreover, you can paint the box with any of your desired combination. Get the opposite side of the box painted with the spray paint. Your wall art is all set to be placed on the wall.


3. Turn Into Cat Bed

Pizza boxes can make some of the attractive and comfortable cat beds for your cats. You can fold the box into your desired size. Use the fabric and pillows of your choices to place into it. Make sure to use the colours loved by your lovely cat and it’s all set to go.

4. Make a Wall Clock

The pizza packaging wall clock will be fun for your kids. You can help them to learn more about time using this. Get a circle of the board cut from the box. Use paint to color the base and write numbers onto it. Cut the hands and pin them onto the base using a center screw.


 5. Use it as a Gift Box

Pizza boxes can be turned into amazing Gift Boxes as well. You can wrap the box with any colour paper or wrapping paper of your choice. Use some ribbon tie, cards, beads and glitters to make it customized and it is all set to go. You can make the customized gift boxes for any gift easily by using more of crafting skills.