Ugh!  Life has been crappy.  The drag show was fun and then we had our music therapy fundraising dinner and that was fun too, though not as fun as the drag show.  I sang a Joni Mitchell song, "I Think I Understand" and everyone liked it.  I also accompanied a friend.  Unfortunately, I have been overexhausted lately, which has been terrible for my mood swings.  Sunday and Monday, my tiredness made me manic and I embarrassed myself a lot.  Yesterday I got more sleep, but still not enough.  I went to my doctor's that day and I had to get two friends to pick me up.  I was very impressed, because only true friends would drive forty miles to there and back.  My doctor asked me if I wanted to go to the hospital, but I replied that I was afraid I wouldn't get out before spring break, and so I said no.  I am really looking forward to spring break, because I am going to the music therapy convention in New Orleans!  My doctor put me on two new medications and told me to get a list of the medications that my insurance covers, because I cannot spend over $447 a month.    I am now on six, though one is a PRN.  I've slept a lot today and I finally feel not so tired, but I did miss my counseling appointment.  I need a break so incredibly bad, but it won't be a great break, because I still have a ton of homework to do.  Yuck!