I'm new here and about to go to bed.  I hope that this site gives me some support and encouragement as there isn't much here in Middle GA.  I have a good therapist, except that he doesn't know much about eating disorders and sometimes I'm the one doing the educating, which is a pain.  I was hospitalized three years ago and for the most part, have been doing pretty well, but lately I've been struggling again and am very frustrated.  I did get a list of some support groups from my college's counseling center, though I don't think any of them are closer than an hour away, though I'll do a little mapquesting to see for sure tomorrow.  I wish I could go to a school that could actually help me, but, 1. I have to go to a school in GA for financial reasons, 2. While UGA does have a good eating disorders support program and it is the only other school in GA that offers music therapy, its music therapy program does not have as good a reputation by far as GCSU does (GCSU's music therapy department has a 100% employment rate!)  Sometimes I feel worthless, because there are so few people that can help me.  Like maybe there's a reason why so many people ignore the disorder and why so few doctors and therapists learn about it.  I also deal with schizoaffective disorder, which is another disorder that few people know about, so I've got a double whammy.