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Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 is a game in which most players that play it are highly competitive. In order to win, even the slightest advantage or knowledge will give you the edge over your opponent. Here are some tips that I have found out while playing that should help you also become a better gamer.

tumblr_pdmovcxYVs1xnfyxso1_640.pngThis isn't rational. At least liberals attacked George W. Bush based on facts. Obama wants to tell children to study hard and make something of themselves. And you want to pretend it's about some secret agenda to turn kids into mindless, socialist Obama-unmanned aerial vehicle and not that you're just afraid of them admiring an intelligent black man.

Flak Jacket is a must. Expect tons of grenades and explosives coming your way if the enemy knows where you are. I used to die maybe eight times per game just from explosions. Cut your deaths from explosions down to about one per game with Flak Jacket.

Bella has never learned the art of authentic communication, the delicate sharing of ideas and information. Bella does NOT converse she presents preaches and posits unmanned aerial vehicle aerial systems long after her audience has stopped paying any attention and are bored stiff. Well, that's not totally true - when she was young she would ultimately offend someone to the point that she would be threatened with bodily harm, but that was the "good old days".

And I must address one aspect of the run-n-gun style. There is a general derision of any who DO NOT play run-n-gun by the victims who die at the hands of campers and snipers. The run-n-gun crowd thinks themselves more skilled or whatever. Give it a rest run-n-gunners. Yet within the run-n-gun game style there is the stealth player.

In fact although the little micro-sized MAVs or micro-air vehicles are still about double the size of a hummingbird, these Universities and research centers are making great strides indeed. Consider in a few short years bringing a full autonomous UAV the size of an airplane down to the size of a model airplane and now down to the size of a small bird? And we are talking fully autonomous not remote controlled either.

Vanilla Sky does have a more emotional feel to it. Sophia, for example, is David's love interest. A great deal of the movie shows the two of them together. She is not the main point of the movie, though. Gatteca also has a "love interest," although the relationship is not as intense or focused upon as in Vanilla Sky. After all, in the end, David decides to be un-frozen and go back to life (150 years later) instead of staying in a dream with Sophia.

Against all odds, against any adversity, we are performers. We must right now, decide that we are moving forward and give it our best, not half way. Not good enough for government work. All the way and since we already went to the moon last time we decided we were going to do something, I guess we had better shoot a little further this time. Forget all the reasons it cannot be done, all the excuses, all the nay sayers, let's just do it? Go buy some Nike Shoes tomorrow. Think a world with no limits. Let's blast through this dimension, through time lets think small as small as we can and let's think big and far as we can. We are living in a great period and we must make it count.