4 Reasons Running Is Best For Weight Loss

What's the Best Workout For Weight Loss?

If you're not a runner yet but interested in losing weight, here are four reasons running can be the best exercise for weight loss. MORE: 10 How to lose fat Golden Rules for Weight Loss That Lasts 1. Running works even when you're at rest. High-intensity exercise like running stimulates more "afterburn" than low-intensity exercise. That is, even when comparing running with walking the same distance, studies find that running will lead to greater weight loss, most likely because your resting energy expenditure stays elevated after you run. In a long-term comparison study of runners and walkers, calories burned through running led to 90% more weight loss than calories burned through walking. Click the following link to learn more on 4 Reasons Running is Best for Weight Loss.

To avoid this, alternate two or three days per week of higher intensity interval workouts with more endurance-focused sessions (exercising at an intensity where you can still talk without getting too winded). Second, it's important to build metabolically active lean muscle mass to help give your body shape and definition while you continue to slim down. For best weight loss results, Olson recommends doing cardio (45-60 minutes), five days a week, along with two to three non-consecutive days of resistance training. Health.com: The Top Fat-Burning Foods Arguably, the best workout for anything (weight loss included) is going to be the one that you'll do! So while calorie burn is important, find a way to make fitness fun too. Trade the treadmill for a high energy lose weight fast Zumba class or shift from weight machines to a TRX suspension trainer to prevent boredom while sticking to your workout schedule. Click the following link to learn more on What's the Best Workout For Weight Loss?.

Go for the Best Exercises to Lose Weight

Crash dieting and other short term weight loss options only provide temporary result and also adversely affect ones health. If you want to lose weight then you have to make sure that your workout targets all the body parts as spot reduction is not only a myth but also has devastating effects such as chronic knee and back pain, and arthritis. Here are few of the exercises for weight loss. Running Running is touted the best exercise to lose weight. Whether you are running on a treadmill or outside, make sure that you do it regularly. Many people prefer running in the evening and some

love to run early in the morning. Click the following link to learn more on Go for the Best Exercises to Lose Weight.