A few other possible jobs have contacted me for interviews - that is making me feel more hopeful. Still no word from the one last week but I am going to keep pressing on - really do not want to work the part-time I have schedule to begin on Monday. Medications are definitely helping balance me out. Maybe, just maybe, between them and my faith in God I have found the answer to help me until I am able to be reunited w/my parents. I know I am a good person. I've made some mistakes - some really screwed up mistakes - but I think what matters most is when a person realizes they have screwed they work hard to change, make amends and move on. The past is just that - the past -it can't be changed - only learned from. And I am DETERMINED to make my life count - for myself, the world, anyone I can help and the legacy of my parents. Sometimes the grief, the pure sadness of losing them, of life in general for everyone these days, almost takes me under. I have no choice if I want to live than to press forward. May God help me and those like me.