37 Things You Should Ask For This Christmas

If you’ve not yet been accosted by Wham’s ‘Last Christmas’ either in the office or walking past the shops, you’ve definitely not got out enough. For ’tis the season, and with the multiplying tinsel comes growing anxieties over presents.

In a world where shopping can happen at the click of a button, choosing a memorable gift for someone is harder said than done. But that’s enough about other people. You also need to make time to consider what you want to see in your sack this festive season.

Been eyeing up a new watch, or in need of a refill for your drinks cabinet? Take advantage of the Christmas spirit and have someone else shell out for one for you. That’s how it works, right? The Christmas spirit?

With that in mind, we’ve collated the finest festive gifts for men at every price point.

Your Favourite Aftershave

Just make sure to spell out exactly what you want, leave the empty bottle laying around, send links if you have to, or risk getting a fragrance that smells more like rubbing alcohol. These are all safe bets.


Wrist Bling

It’s often thought that a watch is one of the few pieces of jewellery that men are allowed to actively seek out something sparkly. The problem? Generally the hefty price tags come attached to bling. Can’t afford Swiss made? That alright, you ain’t paying.


High-Quality Socks

Not just a myth; well-made socks make getting up when it’s still dark out just that much easier (on your cold feet, at least). Wool-cotton styles wear better and keep your feet warmer. Add a splash of colour under your suit trousers for a little added personality.


Premium Cotton T-shirts

If there’s one thing every man needs more of, it’s basics. Washed a red sock with your white T-shirt? Ruined. Coffee spill in transit? In the bin. Sweat stains? Out. We’d suggest opting for a pack of six or more.


The Thinking Man’s Accessory

Here’s a shocker: men have feelings too. Even if you don’t want to use a journal as a diary, they can help keep track of your thoughts and ideas; from the money-making to the incriminating. In either case, always burn once full.


Face Shades

Sure, wearing sunglasses in winter might signal to others that you’re a bit of a tool. But getting this holiday expense out of the way early is a good way of keeping more cash in the kitty for when you’re eventually poolside. Until then, they can be used to ease the inevitable New Year’s hangover.


An #InteriorGoals Throw

There’s nothing manly about being cold. Or leaving your company to freeze while you sit there looking glib and oblivious in a Christmas jumper. Plus, it’s probably time you covered those sofa stains.


A Cosy AF Down Jacket

Come on, own up. It’s cold. You can say it. This is a safe space. There’s nothing manly about tempting fate with frostbite on the walk back from the pub. So this year stock your wardrobe with a winter coat that’s much warmer than a beer jacket.


A Good Cookbook

Because it’s the 21st century and if you haven’t yet cooked a meal that consists of more than toast you’ve got some catching up to do. We’d suggest one-pot options to start (a home cooked meal is still a home cooked meal) while you work up to actual recipes (just hide that burnt pot after).


A Lamp To Love

Still choosing between two extremes of lighting: pitch black and operating theatre? Switch your family on to sorting you out with a stylish lamp, and learn the art of hygge, candlelight, pillows and throws while you’re at it. You won’t regret it.


Adult Bed Sheets

Crack a joke about being 27 going on 72 if you have to, but trust us, you’ll never look back. Aside from the fact no one is going to want to jump your bones if ‘where the magic happens’ is covered in race cars, there’s really no better excuse for snoozing through your morning meeting.



Few men buy them for themselves, but a good pair of cufflinks will take the avid suit wearer from cradle to grave. Nothing spiffs up tailoring more than a few extra details, after all. Just make sure they match the rest of your metals – that means your watch, your belt buckle and your jewellery.


An Alarm Clock

Dark winter mornings make it even harder to crowbar yourself out from under the duvet. A wake-up light alarm clock mimics a real sunrise to coax your body into getting up and at ‘em while others are simply obnoxiously loud but get the job done.


Whiskey (And Whiskey Tumblers)

For when you nail that job interview (slash whenever, really) – there is always an excuse for quality whiskey. You can’t go wrong with these luxe options, and if not splashing out on drink over Christmas, when can you?


Razors That Look Good On The Bathroom Shelf

Not all razors are created equal. This year, make sure you ask for one that’s both useful and aesthetically pleasing as it’s likely the grooming gear that’s most in-use – and thus most-seen laying about.


Stylish Slippers

Hoping to stand a chance or turning a casual fling into a regular thing? Ditch the novelty gorilla claw slippers. Opt for a classic shearling-lined pair that is machine washable to keep your plates of meat warm without compromising on style.


High-Fidelity Headphones

Although you can get away with any old pair of earbuds, why would you? Invest in a high-quality pair and they will elevate your music to a whole new level of audio, proving useful long after you use them to drown out the in-laws over Christmas dinner.


Wall Art

You’ve successfully moved out, you’ve kept a plant alive and you no longer live in halls of residence. Now it’s time to decorate the walls. No, not with boughs of holly. With tasteful wall prints (old lad’s mag pin-ups don’t count either.)


Beard Trimmers

Christmas is a fraught enough time as it is, don’t add giving your other half stubble rash. Keep your facial forest neat and tidy with a set of beard trimmers. Now all you have to do is worry about cleaning the hair-covered sink.


A Designer Pocket Square

Luxury clothing is expensive, but ask for an accessory and you’ll get something from the greats that won’t cost anyone the earth. The pocket square may be a tiny piece of fabric, but it’s one that will add character and elegance to any ensemble.


An Activity Tracker

Looking to get fit in 2019? A fitness watch can be enough to motivate you (or shame you) into swapping the TV tray for the treadmill. Try not to take it as an insult, everyone is wearing them these days.


Big Boy Pants

Underwear is a personal gift, sure, but also one that will never elicit an “ugh, more of those?” reaction. You may even discover a new favourite brand. And really, do you actually need a reason for owning more pants?


Party-Ready Speakers

As the life and soul of the party, your speaker choice best be on point. There’s really no excuse for dusting off your mum’s old record player and not having the sound system to support it. Invest in a decent speaker (well, let someone else make the investment for you.)


A Nod To Hygge

It’s hard to breathe fresh air into a market saturated by samey scents, but sometimes you’ve just got to go with the classics: applewood, forest leather and rose. When they’re burned through, re-purpose the vessels as a key holder/coin purse/bud vase.


Source: https://www.fashionbeans.com/article/what-to-ask-for-this-christmas/