wow there is loads of snow about, i dont think i can ever remember this much. Ive not gone to Canterbury to see Gwen today because she is snowed in, im pleased in a way because there is so much upheaval with the trains id probably stuck out on a platform for ages.
My sister got married last week, she didnt tell anyone just text us when she was married, im pretty pleased really coz i hate goin to all them formal things. She is having a party tomorrow tho and we are goin down to Folkestone to it, we are hopin to get the train, but i dunno if we will, there doesnt really seem to be too much of a problem on the trains between here and there so we should be ok. It hasnt snowed at all today and i dont think we are forcast any for the next few days so it may clear up a bit before tomorrow night with a bit of luck.
I have a healthy BMI! Hell yeah, im still being sick now and then, but i did go 8 days puke free! yay!
Ive started this family therapy with my mum, it is also in Canterbury, it is well freaky, we go in and there is a mirrored window and behind it there are 3 people watchin us. We are in the room talkin to 2 other people and also we are bein filmed and every now and then the people watchin ring us and talk to the people who are in with us. then about 10mins from the end we went into the other room and the watchers went into the room we were in and they talked about us, and then we swapped back and had to talk about what they said about us! It was so odd. I probably havent explained it very well, but it was odd, we have only been once, we have to go every 2 weeks so were goin again on thursday, i really didnt enjoy it it was awful, but im sure it will be useful to me.
well im gunna go, its nearly lunchtime and i want my crumpets!