3 things i would do for life

1.Never cry...Always Express joyfulness and learn2.Never get depressed or anxious... just to go through the misery...always look for opportunities in crisis3.Practice LOA no matter what I did learn y'day, the teachings of my spiritual journery: Soul is inherently joyful... It makes sense evolutionwise.. Put additional ingredients like diligence,gratitude,hardwork,more than anything else, being grounded to make it work that way.... No matter what.. don't cloud it with unnecessary things.  Life provides paths.. Paths which are synchronous with desires.. paths which you are forced to take. But life's quest always remains to take paths which are driven by passion and soul's desires.. It may be tough path lookslike why it is made tougher. May be anything which is free is either taken for granted or rejected rightaway.  I have made a vow today to write down gratitude dairy:7 things everyday:1.Did reply to mail2.Did communicate with Deepa and Rashmi3.Did go for walk4.Did enjoy games5.Did have good meal6.Didnot have pain7.Was free from intrusion