3 Tests For Digital Business Media Success

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Test #3 Finally, a human-to-human (H2H) connection has to be made for the business to pass the final test. This is where stories from direct experience with real customers are invaluable. Showcase how your business helps its customers (with the focus on the customers, of course) and the intangible but vital qualities that humanize your business will communicate its one that people will enjoy working with. Got a question or comment about any of this? Please leave a comment below and Ill respond. One more thing.

PE HUB Digital media-focused Lerer closing in on Fund IV: VCJ

It started to work and was helped immensely by the fact that Sparks had just sold out to Dean Singleton. Singleton saw family-owned newspapers properties asover staffed, bloated units where profits could be maximized through consolidation. For Sparks, who did not need to make more profits next month than he did the month before, and had no debt to retire, there was no reason to compromise the product. For Singleton, who needed to find a way to maximize profits to justify the acquisition, the first moves made usually were to cut the size of both editorial and sales staffs. Suddenly, competing with ANG was no problem. Floyd Sparks died in 1988 at the age of 87.

Still-private companies the firm backed at an early stage include online eyeglass retailer Warby Parker, beauty products supplier Birchbox, and market communications app developer Sailthru. Since last year, a number of Lerer portfolio companies have also sold to large-cap acquirers. GDGT, publisher of gadget-focused Web magazine Engadget sold to AOL last year. BlueFin Labs, a social analytics provider, was also bought by Twitter last year for a reported $90 million. Lerers main focus is on early-stage digital media and software companies, with most of its investments in the New York area. Looking ahead, Hippeau, former CEO of the Huffington Post, said last week that he sees several investment trends favorable to New York.