3 Person Patio Swing With Canopy - Perfect to Stretch Out for a Nap

I just had a front porch created with stamped concrete design through a friend and it looks awesome. So now of course I need to furnish it and I would really like to get a 3 person patio swing with canopy.I want a place where I can take my morning coffee and simply enjoy outside and swing back and forth. I have always wanted one of these but we just didnt have the room on the back deck as it already has the table, chairs and barbeque for entertaining.Now that I have taken out overgrown old leggy green shrubs in front of the living room window, I decided that it would be a great place to create a hidden patio. I know it is on the front yard, and is not a huge patio area, but with most of our land on the front and with us adding to the gardens I wanted somewhere to sit and enjoy them more.We have been slowly getting rid of large areas of lawns with shrubbery gardens and groupings of tall grasses and we planted 3 fruit trees. I am not a fan of cutting lawns, so the less of it there is the better for me.I only seemed to go out front when I had to water anything and if guests showed up at the house, so once the old shrubs were taken out there was quite a large area ( 8 x 12) where I either had to fill in with more shrubs or create that instant patio area. It was a pleasant surprise to find that big an area under those old evergreens.The benefit of getting rid of those old shrubs was the light that came in the living window. I didnt realize how much light these plants were blocking and they had got very overgrown and you could see their stems at the bottom.I will plant all kinds of taller grasses in front of this patio and you can get to it by sneaking off the front porch step as it is at ground level. I didnt want it to sit up tall like others were doing. I didnt want to be on display, so this is where I am now!A patio swing with a canopy would fit perfectly here. By making it a 3 person one it will fit a couple more guests or hubby and is big enough to stretch out on. It will be somewhat hidden once the garden is put in, and I like this one because it has tables on the end, so no need to get extra furniture for this patio, I will just need this one piece, so looking forward to it.Living Accents 3 Person Deluxe Canopy Swing with Movable Side TablesAmazon Price: $279.99 Buy Now(price as of Sep 23, 2013)this already has the side tables.I always wanted a front porch swing, so in a way I will be getting one. I think these should be kept where they are out of the wind that is the only con I have found with these seats. A friend of mine had one that got blown into the yard after a storm, so you may want to either tie it down to the deck or patio or simply keep it where the wind or storms will not get at it.They are usually heavy enough that they will not move, (this one is heavy duty powder coated steel tubing) but with the canopy the wind can lift it if strong enough, so come up with a way to anchor down the frame.If you have a covered porch area, then this would make the perfect seating to enjoy the warm days and nights of summer. Swinging back and forth I find is a way to de-stress and relax.I like the idea that this particular model has the side tables ready to go for that tall cool drink. But I really like the canopy, because where I will be putting this patio swing the sun will shine on it at certain times of the day as it is not really covered other than the house overhang.Rather than get into sun shades or umbrellas I will simply adjust the canopy so that I am not in the hot sun and can sit out there any time of day. I think it would also be a great place to stretch out and lay down for a nap rocking back and forth!It comes with great cushions and I will add some accent pillows myself for even more comfort. You can leave this frame outdoors under cover over the winter and just bring the cushions in and it will be ready to go again the next spring.Once those decorative grasses grow (they are quick) I can simply hide away on my porch swing without being bothered. We live on a cul de sac, so there is no traffic, so this way I can enjoy all the effort we have been putting into this blank canvas called the front yard.If I play my cards right, I will have hidden patios at the front side and back of the house depending on the gardens I want to enjoy. I am really enjoying fixing up this older 50s bungalow.Patio swings have been around a long time. They come and go for styling, but I really like the 3 person swing this way it is long enough to stretch out and really relax. I have a feeling I will be fighting for this space with hubby!I have been having fun finding different things for my yard this year, and also for when out and about as I have to watch out for hot sun on my head, so while researching this 3 person patio swing with canopy I came across these cool beach chairs with umbrella attached that will keep me out of the sun either in my backyard or out on the road or at barbeques.Shopping online will give you all kinds of ideas for your yard this year no matter what your budget, so go shopping!Solano 3 Person polyester Canopy Swing with Headrests - ChocolateAmazon Price: $349.99 $254.98 Buy Now(price as of Sep 23, 2013)this one would be perfect out in the yard. href='http://www.infobarrel.com/3_Person_Patio_Swing_With_Canopy_-_Perfect_to_Stretch_Out_for_a_Nap' - http://www.infobarrel.com/3_Person_Patio_Swing_With_Canopy_-_Perfect_to_Stretch_Out_for_a_Nap -