27 years

Yesterday was 27 yrs of sobriety for me, so I went to a meeting with a friend tonight and announced my 'birthday'.  I had forgotten about it yesterday, so when she texted me last night Happy Birthday, I remembered.  How crazy is that.  I am grateful that I don't worry about the urge to drink any more.
There were lots of women there who were quite in the thralls of early recovery, and it took me back and was something to see.  Every other word was swear words, and I thought to myself that one of the promises is "self-pity will slip away".
But as I was saying at the meeting tonight, the onset of my son's addiction 10 yrs ago brought out the 'isms' in me, and I had to learn to recover in a whole new way. 
The two paths have enriched my life.  Using the 12 Steps in one program looks different from using them in another. 
Ah, opportunities for growth seem to be endless.  As one AlAnon friend calls them, they are FOGs (F--ng Opportunities for Growth). Keeps one humble.



CONGRATULATIONS!!! Wow - I am in awe of you and all others that have fought the good fight! What started as a thorn ~ has turned out to be a blessing. A blessing and a gift! 27 years is something to be very proud of!