Yesturday I had my first appointment with my therapist. I was so nervous I had a panic attack at work before I left to go to the appintment. I found my way and registered I was shaking so bad. The Doctor came out and got my personally and we went into his office. I started crying almost immediatly I was just so overwhelmed with everything. I began with work because that seems to be my biggest trigger, then we discussed my family life. He was impressed with the support I receive from my parents and my boyfriend. He pinpointed most of theissue to just work related stress. I told him I didnt feel thast the medication I was on was working properly. He gave my Cymbalta 60mg taken once a day. He wrote a perscription for clorazapam which I have to take once at night and once in the morning unless they make me drowzy then I have to take both at night. So far this morning I feel a little light headed with all the medication but it will even out soon it is only the first day. I take a multivitamin and I walk almost daily. He recomended me for counselling and I have already called and left a message I will call again today to see when I can get one on one counselling started. The doctor was adimant that the medication can only do so much and if I find it is not working it may be my environment and I may have to leave my job. I was expecting him to say stick it out but after we went through a few of my daily serarious I could tell by the look on his face he didn't think it was a great place for me to be. But I am going to keep trying at my job hopefully the meds help and I can push through this. Come february if I have not improved i think my therapist is going to strongly recomend I leave my job.