Hello all. I just joined today.  I was looking for the group called Parents of Estranged Adult Children but couldn't find it.  But I guess I can write anyway. 
The short version of the long story is that my daughter married a man that spent their dating life pulling her away from me.  The killer bee is that his mother and I use to be friends.  Notice the use to be.  She has never been of any help in this situation.  In fact at this point I'm sure she enjoys having my daughter all to herself. 
Now there is a grandchild involved.  A sweet precious boy.  Since he was born in July I have been allowed to see him 2 times.  They only live 10 minutes from me.  Now my daughter is back to work and she doesn't return phone calls or texts.  It just really makes me sad. 
I guess that's it for now. Thanks for listening....