Back On Track

In January 2011, my weight was at its all time highest... I was over 390 pounds.  My blood sugar was borderline diabetic... and I was scared. 
I started a lifestyle change which included better food choices, calorie counting, and most importantly exercise.   By September of 2011, I had lost 60 pounds... I was going to the gym at least 3 nights a week, but most weeks it was 4... I really enjoyed and looked forward to it! I had stopped drinking, cut down on soda's, and was overall just in a better place mentally and physically. 
September 14th is the day that a series of choices has changed my life forever. 
I went into the hospital closest to my home with incredible pain of what I thought was going to be the worse asthma attack of my life... Sadly, it was gall stones. Surgery was set for the morning, and on Sept 15th, I was minus a few more ounces from the gall bladder removal. Unfortunately, the gall stones escaped into the bile duct and another procedure was ordered... ERCP.  These initials will forever be etched as a tragic event in my memory.
During this procedure, my Pancreas was damaged... it took several months for me to learn this is how I ended up with Acute Pancreatitis.... and I still struggle with how all of the events lined up getting me to where I am today. 
Where am I? Well, I am down at 282 pounds, I've been in and out of the hospital for a total of 51 days in the last 12 months, my pancreatitis was reclassified as Chronic in April 2012 after a pseudo cyst was found on the head of my pancreas, I have pain - daily, I have had a PICC line and TPN for about 9/10 months of the last 12, and well... overall my life has changed... I am not the same person, physically and mentally. 
A year ago this month I was in ICU, and according to the doctors and experts, it is amazing that I ever left... others are not as lucky. 
As I reflect the last year, I am ready to take on the next year.  I want to take it on and take control, as much as I possible can.  Mr. Pancreas, as I have so lovingly named him, is not going to control all aspects of my life.  He definitely get's his way a lot, but I am bigger and stronger, and I will win this battle.
Joining this website is just another step in my path to a healthy life. I hope to learn from others managing this illness, and hope I can provide hope and positive energy for those also seeking this type of connection. 



Welcome Amy! You couldn\'t have picked a better site to join. Without the wonderful and courageous people on here, and of course my Lord, I would not be coping so well. I am sorry to hear of your situation, but you will be just fine. Your attitude and determination will carry you far. Good luck with your goals and pain free prayers for you.