Okay, so, baby steps, right? I called the office to make an appointment with therapist. AND the front desk lady knew exactly who I was when I called. I didn't have to give a name.  Yeah, that's just a teensy little bit incredibly embarrassing. 
I know they're like one of these new clinics that are all super friendly and accommodating. The term "new agey" comes to mind. It's a very pleasant place to be. They are constantly asking if you want something to drink, asking what you're doing for the weekend, stuff like that. But it's a little off-putting. I feel really really REALLY awkward a lot of times when people are really nice to me.
Okay, but, I got that done. I'd been putting it off forever. I should reward myself, shouldn't I? How do I do that? I'm not sure. 
My hand tremors are worse today. 
The way I feel emotionally is strange. It's like a high neutral.