Happy sweet treats tuesday! :) Fall Season Spirit in the air :)

Happy sweet treats tuesday! :) Hi angel friends! :) Thank you for your well wishes, and for keeping me in your thoughts and prayers. :) You all are very wonderful. :) i've been taking it easy, and slow today, as i battle this cold. i'm taking very best care i can, so that i can get well soon. i'm feeling achey and weak, but i'm in great spirits. :) i saw some very nice Fall Season sights, including a beautiful sunrise, scarecrows, and a decorative fall display at mcdonalds. :) i'm keeping in great spirits, looking forward to upcoming October, halloween season. :) Today, my mom, Lisa, and i went to mcdonalds to get some nice treats. :) my mom treated me to a sweet iced tea and a breakfast sandwich, and Lisa got a free hot coffee. :) it's so nice, and sweet of my mom to treat me. :) i've been wearing my light-weight jacket today, keeping warm, and i've got the sports radio on. :) i'm hopeful i'll feel much better soon. i'm not sure, if i'll make it to the post office tomorrow, there's still a chance :) my mom has been taking good care of me, she said, "we'll see how you feel tomorrow, and maybe we could go to the post office" :) awww! :) i've been a bit slow today. i'm conserving my energy, i want to get another good night's rest tonight. :) i gotta get better, we got baking friday coming up, plus Halloween season. :) i'm making some more hot tea with honey this evening. :) Thinking of you all, our dear angel friends :) We love you! :) i got some fresh air around late morning, with a peaceful nature walk. :)
FALL SEASON SPIRIT! :) Pictures of the day. :)
my family and i hope everyone is enjoying a peaceful tuesday. :) i've been thinking of you all today. :) i've been seeing some wonderful fall season sights today, that makes me even more excited, about the season. :) it's a peaceful day, i've been taking it easy, and slow today, to conserve my energy. i'm battling a cold. i was fine on sunday, but on monday morning i woke up with a sore throat, and felt very achey and weak as the day went on. i could barely get around, a few short walks in our yard, but mostly a day of just resting, and have been resting today too. :) i layed down early last night, i was in bed by 8pm, which is very early for me. :) i had some nice hot chicken noodle soup, and got a good night's rest. :) i still feeling achey and weak today, it's awful having a cold, but i'm making the most of the day. i usually get 1 or 2 colds a year. my mom had a cold late last week, it took her 3 days to feel better. my mom's been taking good care of me today, she picked up some ginger ale for me. i woke up very thirsty this morning, i drank lots of hot tea all day yesterday, and it made me very thirsty for some cold drinks today, like ginger ale :)