22 yrs of HS

I'm a soon to be 42 year old female suffering from HS.  Suffering and embarrassed. I first started getting the sores when I was preganant with my first child. I would show my family the first sore I found on my belly. Everyone told me it was a boil. No big deal, eat more raisins. Apparently raisins according to my family prevents boils. So raisin eating I would go, except nothing changed. I would find the same sores in new areas. I would find them in my armpits, inner thighs and under my breasts. The sores would break open and puss would come out and then leave an ugly scar behind. For years I just dealt with it, what am I saying I am still dealing with it. Funny thing is I noticed that whenever my hormones were high the worse I would break out. Always before and after my period I would have breakouts, sometimes one sometimes six at a time. I have never been offically diagnosed with HS. I did talk to my doctor about it about five years ago. He gave me an antibiotic and said there isn't much he could do without a sample of the puss. So here I was going to have to wait until I get a big enough one for him to test. I deicided to take the antibiotic and hope for the best. Of course the antibiotic did nothing for me. I never went back to my doctor about it again. I did have a brief period when I was taking fish oil and that seemed to have stopped them for quite awhile, that did not last long either. 

So here I am on the verge of divorce, and could possibly be starting a new relationship in the future. How do I explain what I have. How do I become comfortable enough to become intimate with somebody new with all of these scars and breakouts? My 22 year daughter is now getting the occasional sores. She had a miscarriage and bam she started having the same issues. This is what leads me to believe that hormones have something to do with HS. Anyway I am glad to have found a place to go and talk about this with people who can relate.