Hopefully getting into therapy myself soon.  Need to learn how to deal with my co-dependent issues.  I don't know why I feel guilty if I do not give into my daughter's whims.  She is still doing the same stuff as usual, nothing really has changed.  Constant trips to the hospital for one ailment or the other.  The other scare was just that, once she surfaced and went back to the hospital they found that the initial sample of blood must have been contaminated and everything checked out ok.  They kept her for two days just to make sure and had infectious disease clear her.  She is still seeing husband even though protective order is still in place and she could go to jail for a long time as it would be a VOP, but she doesn't seem to get it, I am not sure she ever will.  I just need to start learning how to take care of myself and not let her problems become my problems.  Wish me luck.