2019 NFL playoffs: Ranking every team's real chances to win Super Bowl 53

The 2018 NFL regular season began with 32 groups trusting they could win Super Bowl 53. As the playoffs are going to start right on time in '19, just 12 groups can ring in the new year realizing they can in any case win everything.

The most recent NFL playoff section wound up official when the Colts beat the Titans in the Week 17 finale on Sunday night. History says, be that as it may, it doesn't make a difference in case you're the primary group in the competition or the last group in the field — everybody left standing is even and beginning starting with no outside help, regardless of what their seeding says.


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From the new Super Bowl top picks to the longest shots who are (as yet) ruling Super Bowl 2019 Live Streaming champions, here's positioning each '18 playoff group's real opportunities to bring the Lombardi Trophy up in Atlanta on Sunday, February 3:

1. New Orleans Saints (NFC No. 1)

The Saints have been the most total and reliable group in the class in games that have checked since Week 1. They can win with offense or safeguard, for or against the go, for or against the run. They are difficult to beat at home in the Mercedes-Benz Superdome, and they have had commonplace accomplishment in Mercedes-Benz Stadium, as well. They likewise have been there, done that, conveying with the best chances nine years back with Drew Brees and Sean Payton to take Super Bowl 44. Somebody should be immaculate against them to deny Brees his hotly anticipated second ring.

2. Kansas City Chiefs (AFC No. 1)

The Chiefs haven't won numerous games in a solitary playoff keep running since 1993. They are 1-9 since, including back to back one-and-dones at home against the Titans and Steelers the previous two years. However, none of those groups had a quarterback as incredible as likely NFL MVP Patrick Mahomes, their best QB since Joe Montana. The hazardous tuneup against Oakland with big-time protection, as well, was a decent sign that Andy Reid's group is at last in for a profound keep running with home-field advantage. They are not invulnerable at Arrowhead Stadium, but rather their edge isn't a long way from what the Saints will appreciate in the NFC.

3. New England Patriots (AFC No. 2)

The Patriots normally don't get to the Super Bowl, not to mention win it, when they're not the best seed in the AFC with home-field advantage through the title game. They weren't a decent street group in '18, going 3-5. They likewise have had some real protective battles against better groups. Be that as it may, this is still Tom Brady and Bill Belichick, they're as yet the huge, awful consecutive meeting champs. The Patriots may have significantly more indications of shortcoming than expected, however they're as yet hazardous on the grounds that they're incredible at covering them while additionally misusing all indications of shortcomings from a threatened rival.

4. Los Angeles Chargers (AFC No. 5)

The Chargers have all the ability, ballance and balanced play to win the Super Bowl. It really may be an assistance that they don't have a "home-field advantage", in light of the fact that their dirty cosmetics with Philip Rivers and Anthony Lynn has served them well in troublesome circumstances out and about. They are "another" playoff group, however Rivers' understanding and bravery guarantee they won't be unreasonably green for January. The main concern is their run protection holding up.

5. Chicago Bears (NFC No. 3)

The Bears indicated something critical while throttling the Vikings in Minnesota to take out their NFC North division rivals from the playoffs. The Bears were at that point in solid playoff mode endeavoring to maintain a strategic distance from a rematch with the Vikings in Soldier Field. In the event that resistances still can win titles, no one has a more grounded calling card in this field than the Bears. What mentor Matt Nagy is as yet learning as far as strategies he is remunerating with ace inspiration. In the event that he can get this offense hot like it was around middle of the season, keep an eye out.

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6. Los Angeles Rams (NFC No. 2)

There are all of a sudden a great deal of worries about the Rams. Will their safeguard quit anything with the stakes raised? Will Todd Gurley come back to be viable falling off missing two weeks with knee damage? Does Jared Goff motivate certainty any longer? Will playing in L.A. have any sort of preferred standpoint? Sean McVay had a harsh playoff make a big appearance in 2017, seeing his group lose the Falcons at home in the trump card round last season. The football academic still needs to demonstrate to us his smart in January. He's additionally gazing at a Bears rematch quickly to help him to remember his group's most exceedingly awful execution in Week 14.

7. Indianapolis Colts (AFC No. 6)

Given they needed to go 9-1 just to get into the playoffs after a 1-5 begin they are intensely hot and have a quarterback rising above back toward first class status in Andrew Luck. They additionally are instructed by Frank Reich, who knew precisely what it took for the Eagles schematically and sincerely to go the distance a year ago. The Colts additionally don't get enough kudos for their enhanced running game and safeguard. The main genuine concern is that they were such an incredible home group since Week 7 and need to make their run only out and about with the Texans and Chiefs as two major direct obstructions.

8. Houston Texans (AFC No. 3)

The Texans feel like a blast or-bust playoff group. They're either in for a fast exit or a long visit past their seeding. Deshaun Watson, the customary running game and barrier give them a high roof. Be that as it may, Bill O'Brien's flimsy playoff notoriety and a shakier hostile line could make them meet a too early end. Their huge passionate intangibles are playing for late proprietor Robert McNair and the local Georgian Watson needing to convey home another title to coordinate the one he had at Clemson.

9. Seattle Seahawks (NFC No. 5)

The Seahawks, similar to the Saints, Patriots and Eagles, are equipped with a Super Bowl-winning quarterback/mentor blend in Russell Wilson and Pete Carroll. Wilson can assume control over any game and can inspire sufficiently hot to help his group through four continuous triumphs. Their running game and ball-control approach will keep them in each game. Be that as it may, they additionally have a lot of guarded breaks and will leave the 12s back in Seattle for an all-street run.

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10 Baltimore Ravens (AFC No. 4)

The Ravens went 6-1 after their bye with Lamar Jackson beginning at quarterback to make an astounding keep running into the playoffs and wrestle the AFC North title from the Steelers. Jackson has constrained Ravens playcallers to be the viable, run-substantial group they should have been and furthermore started the barrier to supplement that physical, tireless methodology. Be that as it may, the Ravens are unequipped for pulling far from better groups and their resistance can now and again battle to make enough enormous plays. Sooner or later, an adversary will drive Jackson to toss frequently to win and he's not prepared yet to convey his group in that way.

11. Dallas Cowboys (NFC No. 4)

The Cowboys will attempt to keep things straightforward obnoxiously with Ezekiel Elliott's running opening things up for Dak Prescott's passing, basically to Amari Cooper. They additionally will proceed with their strong curve however don't-break guard revolved around ceasing the run and chief linebacker play. At the point when the Cowboys are at their outright, orderly best, they can win a great deal of playoff recreations. It's additionally simple for them to be diverted from their equation and that can get excessively unsurprising at the very least conceivable occasions.

12. Philadelphia Eagles (NFC No. 6)

Scratch Foles keeps on adding to his uncommon Philly legend with his most recent hot streak that got the Eagles into the playoffs subsequent to driving the group to three back to back enormous successes — simply as he did amid the '17 playoff keep running instead of Carson Wentz to enable them to win a Super Bowl. Be that as it may, we likewise know Foles can go from Super hot to super cold in a rush and enters the playoffs beat up There's a reason the Bears made a point to confront the Eagles at home — their barrier is worked to weight a high-chance, high-compensate passer, for example, Foles into huge slip-ups. The Eagles' late flood has been a pleasant story consistent with their dark horse nature, yet that won't abruptly re-make the enchantment of Super Bowl 52 under Doug Pederson when there's been little sign of that overall title shape all season.

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