2015 Shoot the Architect portrait prize

Winners of the 2015 Shoot the Architect photographic competition have beenannounced.The portrait prize is initiated by the Queensland Chapter of the Australian Institute of Architects for photographers of all skill levels capturing Queensland-based architects as theirsubjects.Judging the entries in 2015 were: Malcolm Middleton (Queensland Government Architect), Judith Gilmore (Queensland manager of the Australian Institute of Architects), and Margie Fraser(journalist).The 2015 winnersare:Winner Best TraditionalPortraitScruffie/Architect Paul HarrisArchitect: PaulFairweatherWinner Best Creative ArtisticPortraitSubmerged Andrew BockArchitects: Paul Braithwaite, Andrew Bock, Anthony Robinson and DragiMajstorovicHighlyCommendedBlue Sky John PriceArchitect: ElizabethPriceArtificial Architect Andrew MansonArchitect: SalvadorFarrajotaSpecial Recognition From theArchivesLife at 30,000 Feet Ronald PurrseyArchitect: RonaldPurrsey href='http://architectureau.com/articles/2015-shoot-the-architect-portrait-prize/' - http://architectureau.com/articles/2015-shoot-the-architect-portrait-prize/ -