Well ive been told i have a small cyst on my kidney enlarged spleen and a dialated bile duct what else can go wrong In the past I took miller fisher syndrome now that was really scarey my brother asked me could i not get a complaint that someone had heard of, I had to laugh. While in hospital for that i had a head CT and was told id had an embolisim at some time in my life Do you know im finding it hard to find a bit of my body that hasnt had something wrong with it at sometime,I think thats why i felt i was going nuts when DM came along, YOu all talk about your CK levels this is never mentioned to me i have'nt a clue what it is.Im having really bad restless legs at the moment has anyone had this problem I seeing a new neurologist on the 1st of September When i heard of rstless legs i thought nothing of it but then i didnt know just how bad it can be there have been early morning when ive been ready to do something really stupid but the thought of my 7 beautiful gandchildren helped me get over that hurdle well if any one has some advice they can give me id appreciate it ta