18 Great Uses For An Old Android Device

If the device doesn't have an IR blaster, try searching the Google Play Store for specific apps to control your components. A variety of apps are available to remotely control products developed by LG , Panasonic , Sony , Comcast , DirecTV , Roku , Google TV and other manufacturers. 2. Turn it into a kitchen command center Hard to believe, but my ancient Motorola Xoom tablet is now one of the most used devices in my house.

Bluebird's new ruggedized handheld can run Android, Windows Phone variant

The most recent, posted on January 16 by @evleaks, shows an operating system that looks very much like the Windows Phone interface grafted onto Android , as one of his screen shots above indicates. The thinking, supposedly, is Normandy would be a good entry-level phone for emerging markets. Tom Warren at The Verge said he's heard from one source that the device will sport a 4-inch display, a Qualcomm S4 processor, 4 GB of storage and 512 MB of RAM . I've heard from one source of my own that Normandy is running a custom version of Android built on the Android Open Source Project code base . The screen shots from @evleaks make it appear it will run Nokia's Camera, Here maps, Skype and other Windows Phone services. Doubters have wondered why Nokia -- a company that's made an almost wholesale bet on the Windows Phone OS (with the exception of the Asha platform) , and whose handset business is in the process of being absorbed by Microsoft -- would build anything with Android inside. This kind of hybrid OS might be a way to introduce new users to the Windows Phone interface with less transition pain. Or it could be just one example of a handset that could run either Android or Windows Phone.

Windows Phone and Android to meet in 'Normandy'?

According to Bluebird's brochure, the BM180 the "world('s) first & biggest screen smart terminal." It can run either Android 4.2 or the preview version of Windows Embedded 8 Handheld in "one form factor." Minus the different buttons along the bottom of the devices,the BM180 whether running Android or Windows Embedded 8 looks identical, as can be seen from the screen shot at the top of this post, which I grabbed from Bluebird's brochure. Here's another shot from Bluebird's brochure that emphasizes the choice of operating system on the device. Various reports have claimed that Microsoft has held discussions with hardware makers about the possibilities of putting Android and Windows Phone both on a single device. I've heard the more likely discussions have been around creating single form-factor phones that could be provisioned to run either Android or the Windows Phone OS by customers and/or carriers.