In the grand scheme of things, there are not many franchise companies that can say they are part of a $148bil business, and even fewer can say that they're at the helm of such a huge market. But such business opportunities do exist, and they exist right under our noses. Drive far enough on just about any American street and also you're more likely to see one, and whether it is KFC or Carl's Jr., fast food is one of the most extensive and profitable businesses in the United States, if not the entire world. Visitors are sent by the apparently perfect combination of convenience and taste to the drive-through at all times of the day, and no business known to mankind is marketed better than these taste bud titans.Which one do you select in the event you are ready and eager to begin your own fast food franchise? Some smaller chains supply franchising options and could be outstanding opportunities, but in the fast food world, name recognition and marketing are extremely important, so picking a mainstream brand is wise when you can afford it. If indeed a big-name fast food franchise is the choice for best franchise you, here are a few exceptional, well known opportunities for making your bundle from a drive - through window.Burger, Shake, and French FriesNothing short of baseball or apple pie is more American than hitting the drive thru to pick up this famous threesome, and there are more than enough fast food businesses that serve it, so picking the best burger joint can be tricky, but there is never anything wrong with going using a popular brand, and two excellent options are Hardee's and Checkers.With 1900 national and international locations currently in operation, Hardee's is the 8th largest fast food company in America. Coupled with the 1100 Carl's Jr. shops (their sister brand also owned by CKE Restaurants, Inc.), Hardee's is actually a 3000-strong super-brand that is known from one corner of the nation to the other, which makes marketing a snap for the franchisee. If advertisements that is essential stopped today, the client base already established is gigantic. As first investment, the price tag tied to the food industry monster may seem quite high, costing the franchisee roughly $1mil to start a location for, however there is good reason behind that. The site selection and construction are second to none, and franchisees are not investing in a fly-by-night operation, but are rather dedicating to 20 years of operation, which will more than adequately compensate for almost any startup price. There's additionally a multi-shop choice for franchisees who decide to do so.Another great burger franchise opportunity is Checkers, the leader in double drive-through fast food. Over 800 locations strong right now, this company cuts back on space and the amount of money it takes to build a complete, sit-down restaurant inside by catering to some market that is more mobile with 2 drive-through windows along with a walk up window; and that is it. Customers enjoy it, and do without losing any of ongoing support, training, or the site choice help franchisees, who spend literally only half the cost of many other important franchises.Mexican-style Quick ServiceA choice that much of America loves is a good taco or burrito, but in no way are they the only choice although hamburgers are great, and the fast food industry offers a wide selection of Mexican-style alternatives. Two of the biggest options are Taco Bell and Taco Del Mar.Should you live in America, you're certainly acquainted with the name Taco Bell; it is unavoidable. Whether the motto you recall is "think outside the bun" or "yo quiero Taco Bell," odds are far more than great that you simply have seen among their 6000 places at some time in your lifetime and you're well aware that they're the king of the quick service taco. But are you aware that approximately 80% of those locations are franchises, bringing in over $4bil each year? That is correct, the vast majority of the success of the business has been built on the shoulders of franchisees, so you know they are not only a restaurant to be reckoned with, but one in which franchisees triumph. Despite their size Taco Bell isn't the only large-scale show in town. Not to the size of Taco Bell, Taco Del Mar is the mission-style burrito food that is fast up-and-comer, exploding onto the market with an enjoyable attitude as well as a delectable fish burrito. Up to now, the business has franchised throughout most of the US Canada and all , now standing at almost 300 complete stores since their 1992 debut in Seattle, WA. Franchisees are given total assist at startup, a secure land, building and layout help, and on-going support entire with regular physical visits, just to ensure that everything at each place is going as well as it should for a Taco Del Mar franchise business.ChickenWhat list of big-time fast food chances will be complete without KFC? A part of Yum! Brands (which also owns Taco Bell), KFC franchisees profit from years of especial advertising that's made the restaurant a household name, together with a business model that has turned out to be successful in every area. In the event you're a driven entrepreneur, Yum ! representatives can work together with you to create your own KFC success story. Perhaps you're even ready to reap even larger gains from a blend KFC/Taco Bell, the newest developmental wave that is sweeping the nation, top 10 franchises.As food franchises go, fast food companies are powerful money making tools never to be overlooked for just about any reason, and for the entrepreneur that is curious, there are plenty of fast food chances. In case you're ready to jump right into a well recognized company and gain in a rate that is astonishing, running your own fast food giant is not a half bad idea.