Wednesday April 6, 2011  9:10 A.M.
Life is annoying! I was recently forced to come out. One of my "friends" told everybody! It kinda sucks. Now people are calling the usual names. Usually, nothing anybody can say effects me at all. But lately, it's kinda getting under my skin. I'm learning how to cope with it though. I'm bisexual, so whenever somebody calls me a "fag" or "faggot", I always say "Hey! I'm only half a faggot." That makes other people laugh and lighten up. It's till hard though. It sucks b/c I don't know any other gay or bi people where I live. And I'm really shy at making new friends in the real world, so I'm screwed in tat department. It's alright though. I'll get through it somehow.



Hey Jonny, feel with you dude. Outing is wrong. It really is not cool tht you are treking it alone. It I had my wings Id fly over there just to walk beside you and joke around and be good friends. We are family man. Its a tribal thing-all of us who wear the rainbow.