Do you ever feel like you're last on everyone's list? Like you're the least important thing to everyone? Like you're suppose to bare all the weight of their world and forget about your own problems? I feel that way right now. I've always been last or at least low on everyone's list. I don't expect or even want to be first on everyone's list, just at least one person's though. Maybe it's the winding down of what has been one busy ass month. One shitty month. One month of no sleep. I don't know. Maybe I've pushed myself too far and too hard.. I don't know. It's almost 10pm and here I sit at work.. I can't focus on work. So I go home during the day then come in later.. Sometimes I think I hate my life, but then I think of how bad it could be and how bad others have it, and I realize I am selfish for feeling this way... Oh well.. Off I go to home to sleep so I can get up and start all over again tomorrow. Hope you guys are having it better then me.