hehe! ^-^

Yesterday was my moms' birthday. Her brother and mom took her out to eat, later in the day. They went to a place called the Shogun. It's a Japanese restaurant. I've been inside it, but I've never eaten there b/c the only time I could've eaten there, my older sister couldn't find anything she liked on the menu, so we had Chinese instead. My grandma brought me something back from the restaurant. :)   I haven't eaten it yet. I'm going to save it for lunch/breakfast.
I'm in a pretty good mood. I've been listening to this song in a continuous loop for a while. It is called "Cats on Mars." You should look it up on youtube. 
Earlier today, I had some problems that I wanted to forget b/c I didn't want to be all sad on my moms' birthday. I forgot them. Now I can't remember them.
School is going to be soon, so I'm probably going to be on here. Why I'm not on here a lot is b/c I'm too afraid during the day and for some reason it won't let me log in at times. 
A moth scared me half to death earlier. I was about to put my hands on the keyboard to type something b/c i was talking to someone, then it jumped out on to the keyboard. I almost screamed. Then it decided to be on the screen. I tried to shoo it away, but it wouldn't move! And i would not kill it for 1) It grosses me out and 2) It's an innocent creature. Then, I FINALLY got it to more off the screen. Then I lightly nudged it with a pencil. It landed on my hand, so I screamed and dropped/threw the pencil and my moms' dog looked at me funny. >:U
hehe Bye, for now.