I should seriously go to bed at a reasonable time. It's past 3:00 A.M. and I'm still awake. I'm just on the computer, think, typing out feelings, so to speak.
I'm feeling sort of... well... I don't know... My emotions are jumbled up. I'm thinking about something my sister said to me when I broke my flute, and I was freaking out about it. She just told me to take some pain reliever and forget about it. I wish I could do that right now. Just go off... Sleep... I'm not thinking about suicides are anything like that... not much though, but I am thinking that maybe I won't wake up if I do. But what would dying accomplish?? I'm not sure people would be sad if I was gone, though. 
One of my friends and her ex-boyfriend are, I think, fighting. It was on Facebook. A post. People were reading it. A girl that's in my grade, that I believe hates me, was telling my friend to pretty much take a shill pill and saying that she'd have pretty much cussed her out if she was still the same person. Then my friend asked her why she hates me. I almost had a heart attack. Why bring me into a fight that I don't even know what's going on or why they are fighting?
Earlier, I was watching a show called "Durarara!!" and I couldn't hear it b/c my little sisters and my older sister and her friend were talking and laughing loudly. Then my sister and her friend told my little sister to be quiet. Then, they kept on talking and laughing loudly. 
I'm thinking about how friendless I feel right now. I don't know why I feel friendless. I haven't talked to my best friend since my birthday. She upset me that day, but I never said anything about it. She left early in the morning. 
I hate talking about how I feel because I know my problems aren't as bad as some peoples'. My problems are just always stupid. Why do I talk about them when they are pretty insignificant?