Back to work

Hey everyone!!! Sorry I dont get to update often. I used to think after the baby Im still going to update everyday, then it went to once a week, now its like once a month! LoL. Im trying my hardest. I still try to stay up to date with all thats going on with you guys but sometimes I just dont have time to post. I started back to work yesterday. For the last few weeks I've been dreading it sooooo much. But it went WAY better than I thought it was going to. I love being back at work around my friends and actually having some adult interaction, but on the other hand I miss my little man SOOOOO much. I wish I could be a stay at home mommy but its just not possible for me right now. I only cried for a few mins when I dropped him off yesterday and today I didnt cry at all. YAY! Hes with my mom so I know hes in good hands. I think thats why its not as hard. Im just worried I'll miss everything....him rolling over for the first time, crawling, walking, all the milestones. I hope I dont! Well since the last time I updated we were told Brayden had colic! Fun FUN!! He was crying ALL day, he always had a bellyache, he was only sleeping for 2 at the most 3 hours. They changed his formula again this time to similac sensitive its for fussiness and gas and hes a completely different baby. Hes happy all the time, he doesnt cry unless hes sleeping or hungry, and at night time hes now sleeping between 5 and 7 hours!!!! Right in time for me to go back to work! LoL. Such a good baby. Hes now talking all the time (well cooing lol), he has found his hands, he tries to grab things now, he smiles, laughs. Sometimes he'll be sleeping and he'll laugh so hard he wakes himself up. LoL. Hes getting so hard to hold not only because he wiggles so much but because hes getting so heavy. He was sleeping on the couch a week or so ago and I walked out of the room and I heard a noise I ran back in the livingroom and he wiggled himself right off the couch. He landed head first in a bag of cordless phones. I cried worse than he did he only cried for 1 min I cried for like 10 and I was worried the rest of the night. I felt like such a bad mommy. Hes fine though! We finally got our settlement! We've been waiting for 3 years. It came 2 days before I had to come back to work. After I paid everything off we are left with hardly any money but thats fine with me! We elimated a very large credit card, our computer loans, paid our other credit cards down to 2000.00 and we got all our bills paid till july, plus we got me a used car. Well I better go. Miss you guys! Hugs Monica.