12 Tips For Solving Word Problems

Children have a difficult time solving math word problems. However to develop a basic understanding of math they need to learn how to solve even the most difficult math problem. These difficult math problems are typically, word problems. Teaching children how to solve word problems in math is critical if they are to develop full understanding of math.Children can typically solve a math problem presented in numbers and equations. However when the same math problem is written in a paragraph or sentence format, many children have difficulty sorting the important information from the distracting information. It is not the fact they cannot solve the math problem in most cases, it is simply they do not know a plan or strategy for solving the problem.Strategies for Math Problem SolvingThe key to solving math word problems is to have a plan or strategy, which works in any math word problem solving situation. For children having problems with math word problems, the following 12 tips are provided for helping children become good problem solvers.Read the problem carefully looking for clues and important information. Write down the clues, underline, or highlight the clues.If necessary, rewrite the problem to help find these clues.Look for clues to determine which math operation is needed to solve the problem, for example addition, subtraction, etc. Look for key words like sum, difference, product, perimeter, area, etc. They lead to the operation needed to solve the problem.Look for what is needed solve the http://www.foxcarolina.com/story/30483366/common-app-essay-help-service-gets-1000-kids-accepted-to-college - http://www.foxcarolina.com/story/30483366/common-app-essay-help-service-gets-1000-kids-accepted-to-college - problem, for example: how many will are left, the total will be, everyone gets red, everyone gets one of each, etc.Use variable symbols, such as X for missing information.Eliminate all non-essential information by drawing a line through distracting information.Draw sketches, drawings, and models to see the problem.Is the word problem similar to a previous work, if so how was it solved.Develop a plan based on the information determined to be important for solving the problem.Carry out the plan using the math operations which were determined would find the answer.Does the answer seem reasonable, if it does then it is probably ok if not then check the work.Work the problem in reverse or backwards, starting with the answer to see if you wind up with your original problem.Math Problem Solving HelpHere is another extra bit of information, which is a common mistake made when working with word problems. Forgetting to use the correct units of measure throughout the problem often results in the wrong answer. Units of measure can be mixed in the same word problem and not use the appropriate units leads to errors. These must be used properly to keep the answer correct.Value of Math Problem SolvingThese are good tips for developing a plan or strategy for any math word problem. Most children using the tips described above will typically use them for a few problems and then adapt the tips to fit their style of learning and problem solving. This is perfectly fine, because these tips are only meant as a starting point for learning how to solve math word problems.Along with learning how to solve math word problems using these 12 tips, they are also useful for everyday life. Daily life is full of solving problems and these tips will help http://www.statejournal.com/story/30483366/common-app-essay-help-service-gets-1000-kids-accepted-to-college - http://www.statejournal.com/story/30483366/common-app-essay-help-service-gets-1000-kids-accepted-to-college - provide a foundation for success throughout life. href='https://suite101.com/article/12-tips-for-solving-word-problems-a57713' - https://suite101.com/article/12-tips-for-solving-word-problems-a57713 -