12 Reasons Why "I" Will Never Be as Gullible as Hulk Hogan

When pro-wrestling fans gather to have coffee and yakk about wrestling, you can bet your best pair of jeans that the name Hulk Hogan is sure to surface. Actually, I can guarantee this event happening. (Do you like my impression of Joe Namath, cool quarterback, New York Jets, who 'guaranteed' the Jets to beat the highly-favored Baltimore Colts in Super Bowl III?) That was the last prophesying the Namath ever performed.Hulk Hogan, or Terry Gene Bollea, has been a part of pro-wrestling for many years. I do not know if I can safely say that he is more of wrestler than he is a movie star because Hogan has made his mark in the film industry starring in (one of) the Rocky installments with Sly Stallone. Hogan has been World Heavyweight Champion six times in the then-WWF (World Wrestling Federation now World Wrestling Entertainment); the WCW, (World Championship Wrestling); and along with scripter, Eric Bischoff, set the wrestling world on it's backside by founding the http://latino-free-tranny-cams.blogtur.com - latino free tranny cams - nWo (New World Wrestling) and it was almost an instant point of hatred by loyal Hogan fans.