This weekend started out good. I was finally feeling good enough to run a 5K race on saturday with my brother. I did pretty well eventhough it was my first race, i am not usually one to run just to run. I did this even though i have been having stomach problems for awhile now. Initally, i did not want to do it but my brother talked me into it and i am glad i did it because if i didnt i would be regretting it now. However, after the race i started to become sick. I now have a sinus infection and a chest infection. As for my goals:I have remembered to take my meds everyday since i started to take them last wednesday. I have to start taking another med on sunday so we will see how that goes.~i was doing okay at not cutting myself. I did not cut from the 14th of this month until today, but i got so stressed and upset that i did cut myself just a little while ago:(