Hi, Once again, i started with bad dream. Getting up with anxiety, sudden instant feeling, I don't want to live this life of anxiety and fear. My feelings overtaking me. But as usual after sometime, it clears up,,, I'm sure with practice, I'll completely overcome this problem.A new approach I learnt y'day.. Anxiety.... Analyse1.thoughts.2.feelings.3.Behaviour    They said, modifying even one of this, gives relief. I do have control over thoughts... It is easy to think positively, assert possibility thinking. After sometime feelings come under control. Behaviour naturally improves.I feel long term results can be achieved by controllying thoughts. Behaviour i've always tried to modify but thoughts need to be controlled. first. no matter what.. I'm meant to search for my destiny and desire.. I'm meant to fulfill it rather than doing otherwise. Paths will start forming.. once i put my mind with clear heart. Paths may be filled with obstacles,difficulties. I don't mind, as long as God pulls me through that. I am happy if my path reaches the goal