100tb Server

Why Should You Select Dedicated Web Server?

Are you searching hosting packages? It is suggested to research best services that give you ongoing benefits. If you are selecting dedicated web hosting, you can get pleasure from infinite resources from the hosting service provider. When selecting web hosting, a cheap dedicated server means a computer system that is completely rented out by a company for its personal use; here, resources such as bandwidth and disk space are not shared with any other users. Typically, dedicated web hosting is the option of large companies, mainly websites like e-commerce that must handle big traffic volumes. Such websites can’t afford to face any type of downtimes that may mean great business losses. So, they select plans of unmetered dedicated server that will assure them unlimited speed of data transfer, high uptime, disk storage space, excellent tech security and support.


Know the work system of dedicated server

Dedicated web hosting is a type of server that can be managed and configured by the company and it provides the latter a great deal of customizability and flexibility to handle huge traffic spikes. Usually, dedicated servers are supported by strong technical hold from the hosting service provider. The customer is even completely free to make unlimited domains on that specific 100tb server. This type of feature is mainly beneficial for businesses having different chains of retail outlets or departments. It is far more reasonable for these companies to select dedicated hosting in its place of renting out special servers for each retail section. Companies that providing web hosting even provide attractive shared hosting plans whereby all the possible resources can be shared in between different users on a shared web server platform; though, these possible resources like bandwidth or disk space are possibly limited in this kind of hosting.

Advantages of dedicated web hosting plans

To start, dedicated hosting confirms more consistency compared to shared web servers. If comes to shared web hosting, resources are shared among clients, and if any of the users take up some resources, other websites get directly affected and automatically slow down. But in terms of dedicated hosting, all the possible resources are dedicated to one customer website only; this confirms a higher uptime as you have full control over all the available resources.

Shared hosting service provider wouldn’t give you admin access to the web server. However, it is possible in DDoS protected dedicated server where the user gets pleasure from root access to the web server and can easily install needed programs or change the setting of server to match with the convenience of their business.